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"chasing away"
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The man running in the cloud of smoke on the dark background, slow motion

The man runs away from the chase. evening night time

Man Running Through Dark Forest

Close-up female legs in high heels running away from male attacker in dark subway passage at night. Woman trying to escape strange man following her. Crimininal approachig his victim. Steadicam

Police team chasing terrorist in urban building. Police officers trying to catch criminal man on underground parking. Tired male offender running away from cops

Tracking shot of man and woman in police uniform chasing and catching African American guy then putting on handcuffs and leading convict away on city street

Close-up male attacker legs following young female in mini skirt at night in dark pedestrian underpass. Scared female looking back at criminal and starts running. Steadicam shot

Scared young woman running away and hiding from attacker in dark underpass behind the column. Terrified shaking woman being chased by criminal with knife. Male silhoette approaching female

Scared young female trying to walk away from stranger at night in dark underpass subway. Female walking behind tunnel columns looking back afraid of the man following her in darkness. Steadicam

Policeman aiming criminal man from car window. Male cops in patrol vehicle following man on underground parking. Tired offender with sniper rifle running away from police

Terrified young woman running away from criminal at dark underground at night, hiding beside column and dialing 911 for help. Female trembling and breathing hard while asking sos alone

Nomad chasing and trying to catch a horse between all the livestock that runs away

Young female noticed strange man walking after her in dark underpass tunnel. Scared woman looking back turning her head afraid of the male silhouette in darkness following her. Steadicam shot

View from between male criminal legs, back view of beautiful young woman walking through dark underpass at night alone. Killer chasing his female prey, while going alone in city

Film studio backstage: some woman interrupting preparation to the film shooting by making selfie with black actors. Producer chasing her away from the set. Film crew in a big film studio.

Some girl interrupting preparation to the film shooting by making selfie with actors. Producer chasing her away from the set. Film crew in a big film studio.

Dog chases away ducks by pond

Little boy running away from his grandfather on the wooden bridge near the river. The old man was tired and stopped to catch his breath. Family playing outdoors

boy with soccer ball (football ball) look at camera and then run away

Horse chases another horse away with on the background Yurts (Gers)

Sporty schoolgirl with ponytail running down abandoned building. Portrait of cute child in black clothes. Outdoors. Lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle.

Morning Jogging Park

Grandfather and grandson walking in the park on a bridge. The child starts running and calling the man to join him. The old man following the boy. Generations concept. Summertime leisure

Morning Jogging in Park

Girl Running in Park

Sweet little girl in a white beautiful dress hides behind the wooden swing seat from her brother, then he catches her up, but she runs away, the boy chases his sister. Happy together

Doplhins Jumping in Ocean Chasing Birds Away

Cow calf was scared by dog and runs away from the puppy. Dog scared a young bull. Side view

Fitness Girl Runs in the Morning

Morning Running in Park

A fast dog runs away from her woman owner while she is playing with her in slow motion outside off leash

Happy, young woman having fun with her dog outdoors - running, chasing it around plaid with picnic on grass

Portrait of exhausted criminal man running away from policeman in urban building. African american policeman chasing dangerous robber at underground parking. Brave cop following young man