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Midsection shot of unrecognizable female cashier in red apron scanning food products in supermarket

Cash register in the clothing store. cash payment

The Seller issues a Paper Check to the Client and closes the Cash Register

Cash Desk with Cashier Serving Customers in Supermarket

Woman paying by credit card in dress store - shopping concept

Customer at Cash-desk with Cashier in Supermarket

Top-view footage of unrecognizable african american customer standing at cash register waiting for cashier scanning his food products

Shop assistant inserting a credit card into a pos and inserting pin-code of the card

Medium close-up of happy young woman working as cashier in hypermarket wearing protective plastic face shield because of quarantine

Midsection footage of unrecognizable woman checking out at big supermarket and cashier in red uniform weighing vegetables

Busy young man working as florist in flower shop. Sales manager at cashier desk talking to client buying plant. Customer paying with credit card in store and speaking to business owner

Cashier holds settlement and cash operations. Close up

Tilting-up slow-motion footage of smiling asian coffee shop worker giving paper cup with hot drink and some sweets to female customer standing at cashier desk

Medium close-up of pretty mixed-race cashier talking to customers smiling while scanning items at counter in supermarket

Paying for groceries


Loving couple giving cloth to a cashier in fashionable store

Animation 3d motion design of Customer is paying with smartphone in shop using NFC contactless technology. NFC technology. Phone banking payment

Positive female seller or shop assistant portrait in supermarket store. Woman in blue shirt and empty badge looking at the camera and smiling. Electronic devices on the background. Slow motion

Coronavirus. Woman waiting for cashier scan her shopping in clothing store. Both ladies wear face masks to prevent spread of an infection. Safe shopping during COVID-19 pandemic. 2020-Warsaw-Poland

Medium slow-motion shot of smiling caucasian middle-aged couple checking out at hypermarket following sanitary norms at quarantine packing scanned product at cash desk


Portrait of handsome young man working at cash register in supermarket, posing looking at camera and smiling happily. Sitting at the cash register

The guy buys clothes and pays off the card

TALLIN, ESTONIA - MAY 24, 2014: Focus on the young man with product in hands stealing by the cashiers in the supermarket. Shoplifter leaving the shop very fast

Closeup unrecognizable business woman counting american cash money on black background. Woman hands holding one hundred dollar bills. Female cashier calculating US money banknotes of new 100 dollars


At the Supermarket: Checkout counter hands of the cashier scans groceries. Modern shopping mall with friendly staff, small lines. Close up


Cashiers working at the tills. Shopping during a covid-19 pandemic. Bali-January-2020

Tracking of bearded man in glasses buying movie tickets for himself and group of friends at cinema

Close up of empty cash desk with computer terminal in supermarket


Close up male customer pays with contactless Nfc payment technology on smartphone to friendly barista in customer uses mobile to pay through bank terminal. Nfc cellhone of male buyer with cashless

Cash register in the clothing store. check price

Tracking shot of happy group of friends laughing and buying movie tickets at cinema. Bearded man using cell phone to pay

Close up of person hand inserting a credit card in the terminal and entering the pin code

Medium footage of customers with shopping carts and baskets standing in queue wearing disposable masks while young female cashier scanning products in hypermarket


Close-up, woman using smartphone cashless wallet NFC technology to pay order on bank terminal. Card machine in male hand on sunlight background


Checkout counter customer pays with smartphone for his food items

Waitress Adding Up Bill At Cash Register In Coffee Shop


Young Asian woman in black face mask at shopping mall cashier register counter, lifestyle during covid19 corona virus, new normal life, stay protected form infectious disease virus, department store

Close up of check till and products on conveyor belt, people are unrecognizable

Cashier Gesturing While Customer Doing Nfc Payment, contactless payment on music festival event, food market


Checkout counter customer pays with smartphone for his food items in supermarket


Friendly seller passing purchases to couple


Giving electronic terminal credit and debit cards to pay for the purchase


Handsome bearded young male scanning groceries, checkout products on the counter. Positive, smiling worker serves the female long haired unrecognizable client

Medium side-view shot with slowmo of attractive asian woman standing at cashier in makeup shop when shopping assistant giving her shopping bag with purchased beauty products smiling to each other


Female cashier in a protective mask talking to a customer

Caucasian blondie cashier taking customer's cloth for packing

Tilting-up slow-motion medium close-up of asian woman working in small indoor cafeteria having phone call while typing on cash register

From-above medium shot of woman in disposable mask cashing out at supermarket while female cashier scanning food products wearing plastic face shield during quarantine