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beautiful long-haired girl of European appearance with blond hair say no against white wall. emotions - disagree

The guy shaking his head negatively does not agree with someone or something

Attractive young businesswoman in a white T-shirt frowns her eyebrows and shakes her head showing the STOP gesture. Do not do it! Disapproval, denial, refusal, disagreement.

Young woman trying to hear something easily but does not manage, shrugging shoulders. Posing on orange background

Pretty woman doesn't not know what to do. She thinking a lot about something, but she has a doubt.

Tired businessman can not concentrate on work. Frustrated businessman in home office. Business man tired at end of day in cozy office. Tired worker in office

Guy in blue T shirt making silly faces and do not hear sign isolated on orange yellow background

Beautiful covers her ears because she does not want to listen, steadycam shot

Serious and mad young ppretty beautiful woman or student, sways her finger in disapproval and disappointment, says no with gestures and face expression, no way movement, not happening

Insomnia. A man lying in bed and can not sleep

beautiful long-haired girl of European appearance with blond hair posing against white wall. emotions - denial and anger, disagree

Serious young woman in red sweater with rainbow sleeves crossing hands, gesturing stop , orange background

Portrait of smiling attractive woman shrugging shoulders on grey background. Closeup excited lady laughing in studio. Happy girl showing not know gesture indoors. Happy female model smiling at camera.

An ignorant young man who does not accept what he is told. Young hipster doesnt believe in a word he hears.

Adult caucasian woman with black hair showing hand gesture stop. Portrait young girl wearing casual white t-shirt

stop motion hand drawn stop sign on white background

serious mixed race man could not stand and laughing

Senior bald man showing refusal gesture no, shaking his head. It is not for me, leave me in piece, it is unacceptable.

Deafness. The guy does not hear well

Its not me. Confused african american guy raising his hands and shaking head no, pink studio background

Confused caucasian boy with I do not know gesture. Portrait of a handsome child gesturing do not know sign against blurred background.

Young man takes off medical protective mask and takes a deep breath. He can not breathe in mask. Cinema 4K 60fps video

A man can not sleep from the noise

Businessman can t cope with the button trousers. Overweight businessman

Businessman waiving his finger no and shaking his head looking at the camera suggesting that the viewer not do something silly or stupid

Back view of upset schoolboy standing in front of school and shaking head gesturing no. Sad Caucasian boy not willing to learn. Education and intelligence.

Angry Hispanic mom yelling at her teenage daughter who has her fingers in her ears not listening to her advice and what she has to say - gimbal shot

Young girl while looking camera says "no" on black background. Girl doesn't agree to the terms. Brunette does not like it , she doesn't want to put up. Definitely not

A sick girl worries about her not finished work.

Designer can not come up with new idea in leather workshop. Unhappy leather maker tired of work and throwing pencil on table. Small business owner in stress. Worker negative emotions

Businessman with taped mouth can not eating junk food. Man with a tape on his mouth unable to eat a big hamburger. Fat man dieting.

Close-up shot of sleepy man having nightmares. He turns, gets under the blanket and sleeps not well

Censored man with megaphone can not speak. Man with taped mouth holding megaphone and card with inscription Free speech.

a man can not sleep from the noise of neighbors. the chandelier shakes above his head

Couple having problem and not talking to each other, steadycam shot

Emotional man with taped mouth can not speak. Chroma key background. Censorship concept.

Sad businessman dieting. Upset businessman with taped mouth can not eating junk food. Concept of diet, weight loss and food temptation.

Angry agressive man yelling at his beautiful girlfriend with long red hair. Woman close her face and ears, she can not listen this bad words.

An elderly man with glasses says and shows that he does not remember anything and does not know. Close up

Asian girl can not stand the smell stench of stinky durian. Smelly fruit of tropical area

Funny, body positive young woman, not very skinny with normal weight, proud and independent runs in slowmotion on wooden boardwalk or pier in mountain lake during summer camp, jumps in water

Overweight woman trying to fasten very tight jeans. Close up of fat woman with big belly can not fasten her clothes. High risk of hernias.

Nervous businesspeople yealing at each other sitting on couch looking at documents, exhausted team leader can not concentrate, burnout at work. Woman employee raging about multitasking difficult job,

The girl in the car is stuck in the traffic of cars and can not get to work

The man is nervous due to not working phone

Portrait of displeased african man waving finger no on light background. Closeup serious guy showing negative gesture. Upset model posing with disappointed face expression in studio.

Woman Can Not Sleep in Bed, Thinking While Husband Sleep

Sealed man with megaphone can not speak. Isolated on white background. Human rights Day.