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Hands creating a thin and uniform layer of wedding cake using palette-knife

Chef making chocolate cream. Close up of chef put cake layer on cream. Cooking layered cake. Making layered pie. Chocolate cake layers. Cooking dessert pie

Skillfull female cook is using pastry bag to apply sweet cream on a cake layer. She is doing very accurately in circle.

Icing the fruit cake. Woman is covering layered sponge cake by white buttercream. Yummy creamy pastry with fruits.

Chef baking cake. lose up of hands putting freshly baked layer on frosting at carrot cake. Cooking layered cake. Homemade carrot pie

Delicious Strawberry Cake 2

Piece of cheesecake with delicate cream. Slice of layered cake with currant mousse. Sweets and diet.

closeup of piece of chocolate cake on a fork

Process of melting sugar on cream brulee dessert.

Process of creating delicious dessserts. Covering baked cakes with glazing. Second layer of caramel on top. Close-up footage.

Choux pastry covering with chocolate at professional restaurant. Delicious cakes coating with chocolate liquid at confectionery shop

Healthy delicious vegan desserts. Close up of fork breaking a piece of layered vegan cake with cream and jam decorated with blueberries.

Cutting a homemade birthday holiday cake with custard, forest berry compote and fresh blueberries on a festive table

Deliciouse Strawberry Cake 18

Layered creamy cake on table. Pastry chef is working in a confectionery with creamy cake. Cooking delicious dessert at cafe.

Cook hands spreading nuts nougat layer on cake. Unrecognizable confectioner cooking delicious pastry in kitchen. Baker preparing tasty sweet dessert indoors.

Sprinkling cake with crumbs. Covering Napoleon cake with grinded bread. Lots of crumbled biscuits. Traditional recipe of delicious cake.

Confectioner puts fruits on cake layer. Female chef putting biscuit on cake layer with fruits. Cooking of layered cake at bakery.

Pouring frosting on Cake. Making Chocolate Layer Cake. Series.

closeup of piece of chocolate cake on a fork

Woman is leveling a cover from whipped cream on a cake. It is whirling on a culinary plate, close-up of pie

Close up of a slice of two layer white cake with colorful rainbow frosting on a paper plate

Closeup cake surface with liquid chocolate cream. Macro of dessert texture flowing down with vanilla and cocoa

Hands forming a layer of cake with a palette-knife

panning of puff pastry cake covered by sugar powder

slice of cake with a toffee caramel sauce pouring on it

Pastry chef is working in a confectionery with creamy cake. She is decorating by red butter cream a baked layered cake

Close-up of caramel and nuts mixing in bowl. Slim young female hands in black gloves preparing cake layer in commercial kitchen in candy store or restaurant. Unrecognizable woman cooking dessert.

Hands frosting a cake from a piping bag around the edge of layer

the cook uses food coloring to decorate the cake, which is on a rotating wooden tray, the lady uses a scapula for applying red for dessert, next to it is a bowl from a mixer

Cafe chef decorates a cake. Pastry chef is applying a creamy cream on an upper layer of biscuit cake.

Deliciouse Strawberry Cake 11

Extreme close-up of a spoon smearing baked cake with condensed milk. Sweet bakery on the plate. Cinema 4k footage ProRes HQ.

Covering big layered dessert with crumbs. Biscuit crumbs and cream. Traditional recipe of napoleon cake. Fresh puff dough. Confectionery business concept.

Tasty fruit cream cake. Fresh cream cake with white icing and fruits topping. Festive dessert for birthday party.

Pouring frosting on Cake. Making Chocolate Layer Cake. Series.

tiramisu cups. sweet dessert

Set of fresh round pies at bakery. Confectioner putting whipped cream on cakes. Manufacturing of delicious pastry.

Close-up of baked cake smeared with condensed milk. Sweet bakery on the plate. Cinema 4k footage ProRes HQ.

Breakfast table setting with fresh fruits, pancakes, coffee, croissants, sweet cakes, muffins. Flat lay on stone table.

Delicious Chocolate Cake 1

close up shot of the sweet cake that the chef spins on a wooden tray, the woman uses food coloring for the decor, the lady uses a culinary plastic spatula

Deliciouse Strawberry Cake 19

Close up shot of housewife making light desserts for her family. She is making cake layer in the cup.

Beautiful cake cooking. Girl makes cake, gathering layers

Tasty layered cake sprinkled with white chocolate. Served with cup of coffee on a gray concrete

Chef hands frosting the cake with metal spatul

Pastry chef is applying whipped cream on layer of cake. She is using pastry bag for decorating baking, home made sweets and desserts