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Concept animation, prison, building, room, cage, detention.

Interior of a prison cell with foggy light shining through a barred window and shadows on a floor.

Portrait of moody and sad blonde caucasian girl behind the iron fence. Young woman behind metal fence grid jail locked

Man locked up grabbing on to fence 4k

Fence protecting playground tilt shot 4k

Hands holding prison jail gaol cell bars Woman locked behind bars

Row of Cat Cages at Animal Shelter

Close up shot of scientist catching white laboratory rat from transparent cage, his colleagues taking hair sample and examining it under microscope


Different mixed breed dogs behind the fences. Dogs in a shelter or an animal nursery. Shelter for animals concept.

Depressed Man In Prison, Head In Hands Alone. Male silhouette, horror. Scary in Mental Institution.

Dog in Cage. Cruelty to Animals and Animal Abuse

Guinea pig in cage with bowl of food

Raccoons in a zoo cage put a foot into the hands of people

Two friendly iguanas hanging out in terrarium

Cat sleeping in cage while people look

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, or Panda Base, in Chengdu, China, Asia. Wild animal in enclosure, fauna, wildlife, mammal. Animal in zoo cage, zoological garden, rescue center

Two Common Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), also known as Robust Chimpanzees, Chimps in a cage reaching for the camera at the Lubumbashi Zoo, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, Africa


Small dog in kennel waiting to go to his forever home 4k


Dog looking out of kennel cage walks away 4k


Dog jumps up on fence and barks in kennel cage 4k


Scared and lonely dog sitting behind kennel fence 4k


Friendly dog at kennel trying to get some attention looking out fence 4k

Puppies up for adoption in cages


Dog sitting on bed in kennel space 4k


Very playful baby kitten up for adoption 4k


Cat rubbing against bars and person petting in cage 4k

Close-up lemur with interest eating a banana in the petting zoo.

4K Group of cute kittens inside the cage


Older mature cat at pound up for adoption 4k


Petting cat through bars of kennel 4k


Kitty being pet through kennel cage at pound 4k


Hand trying to get attention of little kittens in kennel 4k

Big beautiful tiger resting in the zoo cage. Slow motion footage

Group of chicken in cage. Flock of hens behind net, 4K 60 fps

Big bear sitting in a cage close up

Fishing Cages, Lobster Nets on Dock of Harbor

Light coming through a barred window with fog and shodow on a floor.

Experience on white mice

Commercial rabbit cages at farm. Rows of rabbits hutches at farm. Rabbit farming concept.

Interior Prison jail gaol cell iron bars detention captive punishment B-roll

Bird in a cage. Sparrow.

hand drawn animation - little bird flying out of a birdcage

Close up arc portrait with slowmo of young handsome male hockey player in helmet with cage standing on empty ice arena looking at camera

Sad Dog in Cage. Cruelty to Animals

Group of three scientists in lab coats and rubber gloves studying and discussing behavior of laboratory rats, woman talking rat from transparent cage to examine it, medium shot

sad girl with a phone sits at the cage

tilting shot of a giraffe at a zoo

Sad dogs in shelter waiting to be rescued and adopted to new home. Shelter for animals concept