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Closeup candid kickboxer training at gym. Portrait of focused sportsman boxing in sport club. Emotional fighter preparing to competition in fitness center.

Two men without t-shirts in the ring hold a duel. Dynamic camera movement

Wide shot of healthy confident Caucasian boxer fighting punching bag on boxing ring. Young athletic sportsman moving in foggy gym. Martial arts, combat sport. Live camera. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Close-up hand of unrecognizable sportsman in boxing gloves walking to ring in backlight. Confident calm Caucasian boxer approaching to haze with lense flare. Sport, martial arts, confidence.

KIEV, UKRAINE - MARCH 18, 2013: Fight Vyacheslav Uzelkov with Doudou Ngumbu in Kiev.

Silhouette boxer training in dark ring. Man fighter kicking air in dark. Fight concept. Mma fighter exercising. Man boxer punching air in dark. Kickboxer training kick. Boxing man silhouette

Silhouette of man exercising thai boxing. Silhouette of martial arts man training boxing on the beach over beautiful sunset background. Training karate or boxing on grass field at sunset.

Professional two boxers are fighting, a punch to the face with a boxing glove, a technique of striking, a stand, protection and endurance. The concept: love of sport, young boxers, love of victory

Professional boxers on the rig are exchanging strong blows to the head. Camera moves from top to bottom

KAZAN, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 27, 2018. The championship on fighting by the rules TNA, in the city of Kazan, TATNEFT ARENA. Wrestler countr-attacked other wrestler

Handheld shot of two shirtless men in boxing gloves fighting and training Thai box moving on square ring.

Sportsman boxing shadow in lense flare in haze. Silhouette of confident young Caucasian boxer training in fog in backlight. Concept of competitive sport, martial arts, strength, lifestyle.

Slowmotion - Young boxer feels victorious with a view

African American male boxer practicing boxing in fitness studio 4k

Muscular fighter mma ties up battle bandage. Fighter mma gloves. Fighter of mixed martial arts preparer training. Fighter of mixed martial arts enters ring. Finger man

Portrait of exhausted kickboxer pressing forehead to punching bag at gym. Closeup thoughtful sportsman leaning on boxing bag in sport club. Tired fighter having break on ring.

A black and white silhouette of a man boxing. The sportsman practicing punches. A moving shadow

Full shot of young caucasian sportsman boxing punching bag at sports ground outdoors in summer

Young Woman Athlete in Boxing Gloves and Sport Clothes is Boxing With her Skillful Trainer. They Dodging Punches While Practicing on Boxing Ring.

Tired athlete training boxing with punching bag in gym. African american man working out blows on sports bag. Active sportsman in boxing gloves doing cardio workout in sport club

Close view from below of focused athletic woman in boxing gloves working out on technique while training with coach on ring.

Slow motion shot of a silhouette of man boxing with shadow on the on top of a cliff with dramatic sea views in the background

An athletic woman boxing and jumping on the spot - intense endurance training

Silhouette young woman fighter mma in boxing gloves training hits with hands

Silhouette of man fighting shadow in backlight. Side view of young strong male Caucasian boxer punching air in haze. Martial arts, combat sport, training, workout.

Man boxer is training fighting exercises in front of the window

MMA fighter throwing his opponent on ropes in the ring and then he punching and kicking him in slow motion

a kickboxer trains, the preparation for the championship and a future champion

Boxer Ready For A Fight

Handheld shot of two shirtless men in boxing gloves fighting and training Thai box moving on square ring.

Boxers are on camera

Boxing ring, sport, light, stadium, kickboxing, arena, empty sport.

Boxer training in a gym, dramatic lighting. Slow motion

Boxer training in a gym, dramatic lighting. 4k

A professional boxer in the gym works with a punching bag, will practice the technique of strikes, struts, protection and endurance, white gloves. Concept: love of sport, young boxers, love of victory

Boxer silhouette at dark studio. Silhouette of boxer training in dark. Mma fighter silhouette. Kickboxer training kick. Fighter mixed martial arts warming up before fight. Fighter waves fists

Sports man in Boxing gloves strikes on a punching bag

Handheld shot of two shirtless men in boxing gloves fighting and training Thai box moving on square ring.

Handsome guy with a tattoo and in boxing shorts trains in the gym

Boxe and people, young african american athlete exercising in boxing gym

Static, close-up shot of two black men sparring

A professional boxer in the gym, jumping rope, improving endurance, speed and sharpness, excellent body and training, in white sportswear. Concept: love of sport, young boxers, love to win

Kickboxer man making strikes at fight training. Sports man having cardio training at fitness gym. Concentrated man boxer boxing punching bag in fitness club.

The general plan in the ring is two boxers hold a fight for the trumpet

boxing speed punching bag

Black young man boxer training punching on the punching bag in the gym

Sports and people, young male athlete training in boxing gym

Boxing ring, sport, light, stadium, kickboxing, arenachampionship, sport.