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Full front-view shot of three assertive bandits in leather jackets leaving dark underground parking after crime taking off balaclava arguing and gesturing

Terrorists kidnapped the girl. Criminals carry away the victim. Bandits tied up the victim.

Unrecognizable criminal opening metal briefcase showing stacks of money to other bandits standing at dark underground parking

Close-up of gun muzzle with blurred masked man at background aiming. Unrecognizable Caucasian burglar thief threatening wealthy house owner with weapon. Stealing and robbing concept.

Masked suspicious young thief standing in rich house and suddenly looking at camera. Middle shot portrait of Caucasian burglar breaking in wealthy home to steal. Antisocial lifestyle.

Medium shot of bandits standing in row opening metal briefcase showing money to other criminals standing at isolated underground parking

Hopeless unfortunate criminal looking at camera as blurred policewoman aiming with gun at background putting on sunglasses. portrait of sad thief at crime scene indoors in police lights.

Two bandits with guns and in leather jackets come into cafe and take away money from cash desk

Close-up of robber opening decorative box with money using weapon. Blurred armed Caucasian masked man stealing cash dollars in wealthy house indoors. Break in and robbery concept.

Police are preparing to arrest the perpetrator. Bandits are preparing an attempt. Ambush of criminals in the forest. Terrorists preparing a terrorist attack.

Close-up portrait of young arrested Caucasian thief looking at camera in police lights with blurred policewoman in sunglasses with crossed hands at background. Arresting and law offence.

Professional policemen tracing group of bandits in room of video monitoring watching movements on city map

Close-up of knife in male Caucasian hand with blurred robbery victim at background. Unknown criminal burglar threatening woman with cold steel arms indoors. Burglary or murder concept.

Closeup of multi ethnic bandits checking briefcase with money making illegal business deal at underground parking

Blurred masked male criminal aiming gun at camera indoors. Middle shot of armed Caucasian young man robbing wealthy rich house owner. Burglar threatening with weapon.

Medium footage of multi-ethnic assertive criminals opening metal briefcase filled with stacks of money demonstrating cash to other bandits checking amounts

Arrested young criminal lying on floor in police lights holding hands on head as unknown policewoman walking at background. Unfortunate caught thief or killer indoors.

Portrait of young Caucasian male burglar looking through window inside house and putting on white face mask. Antisocial robber getting ready to break in. Crime and lifestyle concept.

Caught young criminal lying on floor in police lights as unrecognizable policewoman putting his hands behind back. Unsuccessful thief or murderer arrested by police officer indoors at crime scene.

Smiling female police officer in sunglasses talking to blurred arrested thief at front. Portrait of satisfied Caucasian policewoman catching dangerous burglar filling in report. Protect and serve.

Scared young Caucasian thief grabbed by the collar. Strong confident female police officer catching bandit robbing house indoors. Policewoman in sunglasses arresting burglar. Law protection.

Back-view full footage of brutal assertive bandits walking down underground parking arguing and gesturing nervously looking around

Close-up of suspicious young man in balaclava looking inside house through window. Portrait of Caucasian burglar breaking in on winter day. Robbery and law offence concept.

Gun in female Caucasian hand with blurred scared thief holding head in hands at background. Policewoman arresting robber indoors at crime scene. Law offence and justice concept.

Horizontal shot of the shop assistant packing the money for the burglars in bag. Then bandits take away a bag and run away from cafe

Red and white tape at crime scene in police lights. Criminal investigation indoors. No people.

Female hands aiming gun at thief taking off balaclava sitting on stairs indoors. Portrait of young Caucasian man caught by police officer in wealthy house. Burglary and law offence consequences.

Confident policewoman in sunglasses crossing hands looking at criminal with hands up. Portrait of Caucasian female police officer arresting burglar indoors. Confidence and law protection.

Portrait of unfortunate thief taking off balaclava in police lights as unrecognizable policewoman aiming with gun. Caucasian burglar caught at crime scene by police officer.

Professional policemen tracing group of bandits in room of video monitoring watching movements on city map while other colleagues working

Side view of serious Caucasian policewoman in sunglasses filling in documents as caught robber talking and gesturing at background. Police officer arresting thief at crime scene.

Portrait of worried nervous robbery victim sitting on armchair with masked burglar walking at background threatening with weapon. Scared Caucasian woman robbed by thief with gun at home.

Wide shot portrait of confident female police officer holding hands of criminal behind back and looking at camera. Caucasian woman arresting man indoors at crime scene. Service and arresting.

Caucasian female police officer in sunglasses holding transparent package with money as unknown criminal burglar with raised hands standing at front. Policewoman collects evidence of robbery.

Frightened nervous woman looking at gun on knees closing mouth with hands as blurred robber searching for money at background. Portrait of scared burglary victim sitting on couch indoors at home.

Middle shot of panicked young masked thief raising hands and looking at camera. Portrait of scared Caucasian burglar arrested by unknown police officer. Crime punishment concept.

Portrait of confident satisfied policewoman in sunglasses posing with gun at crime scene with blurred criminal at background. Smiling Caucasian woman with weapon arresting thief or burglar indoors.

Desperate Caucasian woman holding head in hands asking murderer not to kill her. Portrait of stressed hopeless victim talking to maniac sitting on armchair at home. Murder and crime concept.

Female hands raising holding armed gun with blurred policewoman and desperate burglar or murderer at background. Confident Caucasian police officer catching criminal indoors.

Wide shot of thief standing behind glass door looking inside house. Portrait of young Caucasian masked bandit going to rob. Robber examining wealthy home on winter day. Crime concept.