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Training at the ballet school

Group of little ballerinas in tutu skirts and leotards practicing ballet moves and spinning in dance class

Camera follows slim Caucasian girl waltzing in fourth position with group of blurred children watching. Talented child showing ballet movement to classmates in dancing school. Skill and art.

Rotation view of a cute little girl training the gymnastics in a white modern ballet school. Modern kids, talented child. Modern dance, leisure time, favorite activity.

Children having rehearsal at ballet school. Young ballet-dancers doing exercise at barre. Ballet classes at dance school.

Back view close-up of Caucasian girl standing in dancing school with blurred children clapping at background. Confident talented brunette child receiving ovations in dance studio. Art and success.

Ballet training - five girls in beautiful dresses training ballet dance in the studio

Silhouette of a Ballet Dancer Exercising at The Barre By The Window

Feet of unrecognizable boys and girls waltzing in dancing school rehearsing classical dance indoors. Skilled Caucasian children dancing waltz in dance studio. Talent and art lifestyle.

The beginning of the ballet lesson, little adorable ballerina gracefully whirls around in a modern specious ballet school. Hobby, talented kids. New generation, modern kids.

Middle shot of Caucasian boy in fourth position rehearsing with blurred teacher and classmates at background. Confident skilled child practicing ballet in dancing school indoors. Talent and lifestyle.

a group of girls with their leg up in a barre during a ballet class at school

A little girl, adorable young talented dancer does ballet poses and stretching exercises on the floor at home.

Training of beautiful ballet dancers in studio. Group of ballet girls in purple suits practicing at choreography equipment. Ballet school for teens.

Group of ballet dancers jumping in the air

Low angle view of little girl sitting on bench and tying ribbons on ballet shoes when preparing for dance class

A 20s attrctive sporty pair of ballet dancers sensually dance in the white dancing hall of the ballet school 4k.


female violinist is playing violin in music school or dark music hall, full-length portrait of musician

Young caucasian ballerinas at ballet studio. Group of ballet girls practicing ballet pose. School of professional ballet.

Close up legs of ballerinas at barre. Group of little ballerinas doing leg stretching at the barre. Leg stretch development at ballet school.

Close-up of concentrated cute boy in fourth ballet position rehearsing in dance studio with teacher and classmates at background. Portrait of focused skilled talented Caucasian kid dancing indoors.

group of four young ballerinas standing in row and practicing ballet

Two little girls putting on their pointe shoes in the studio

Young skillful ballerina in white tutu and pointe shoes is spinning while dancing at spacious loft with big windows

Little professional ballerina in a black sport-uniform practices gymnastics, does headstand split. Modern kids, being happy. Positive mood. Modern cool ballet studios interior on the background.

close up of strings on cello

Personal ballet lesson for little girl. Professional teacher is teaching dance elements to child girl near the barre stand in ballet class. They both are in white tutus and pointes.

20s shaply girl in white and a strong guy in black ballet dancers rehearse performance in a ballet school near a large window close up 20s 4k.

Medium shot of young girls standing at wall bars and practicing ballet arm movements and plie under control of their female trainer

Joyful little girl sitting on the floor in dance studio, trying on pointe shoes and dreaming of becoming professional ballerina

close up of strings on cello

Ballerinas feet in pointes. Group of ballerinas having rehearsal at ballet class. Ballet dance pointe technique.

Ballet training - group of little ballerina girls following movements of their trainer

macro of strings vibrating while being played

Beautiful graceful ballerine in black practice arabesque ballet position in hall

Two little girls training near the stand in the ballet studio

choreography teacher deals with children. little ballerinas in ballet class

Handheld shot of group of young girls dressing up before rhythmic gymnastics class in dance studio

Cute teenage ballerina in white ballet costume and pointe shoes is dancing in the dancehall in the ballet school. Graceful girl practicing elements ballet dance. Slow motion

Little girls dancing ballet in studio. Cute little ballerinas in beautiful dresses practicing their dance in studio during their ballet class. School of ballet class.

Confident slim girl moving up and down in fourth ballet position in dancing school with friends rehearsing at background. group of persistent Caucasian children learning dance indoors.

Close up shot of little girl sitting on bench in dressing room and putting on ballet shoes when preparing for dance class

group of four young ballerinas standing in row and practicing ballet

Choreographer dances on the floor of the ballet school, dancer rehearses in the white dance hall, graceful art dance in slow motion

close up of strings vibrating while making music

Group of young ballerinas taking off pointe shoes. Little caucasian ballet-dancer untie her ballet slippers. Ballet dance classes.

mom ballerina and daughter ballerina doing dance moves

Ballerina is at the ballet school rehearsal, choreographer rehearses in the white dance hall, graceful art dance in slow motion