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Stressed concerned millennial man thinking over bad news

Indoor portrait of shocked emotionally stressed african man with wide opened mouth and eyes touching head with two hands, looking desperate and disbelieved by bad news.

Closeup shocked man watching shocking news at night. Portrait of frustrated businessman reading bad news at remote workplace


A pensive businessman recieving bad news about crypto market crash on his laptop


30s man reading bad news on laptop and getting angry and nervous. Upset male using gadgets sitting in the kitchen.

Young friends reading bad news on tablet. Closeup of young people shocked by news in internet. Worried people looking at tablet computer. Emotions of friends reading shocking news on tablet computer

Upset man reading bad news on laptop computer at coworking space. Serious afro guy stressed at office workplace. African professional making mistake working on laptop in office.

Portrait of serious businessman reading bad news on tablet computer at home office. Focused manager looking tablet screen at remote workplace. Sad business man feeling upset at modern apartment.

Asian woman sitting alone in hospital. Worried and anxious from thinking of bad news 4K

Beautiful suffering woman holding her head in her hands. Sadness in the eyes of a woman receiving bad news.

Portrait of Caucasian girl crying after bad news. Beautiful shocked female near car headlight covering face with hands.


Woman with long hair and makeup wearing white shirt sitting at laptop, raising hands and touching hair in despair while receiving message with bad news. Stressed businesswoman in office


A pensive businessman recieving bad news about stock market crash on his laptop

Asian woman sitting alone in hospital. Worried and anxious from thinking of bad news 4K

Stressed employee failing to do financial presentation on laptop, feeling desperate and under pressure. Worker with career problem finding out bad news and worrying about failure.


African american man recieves unbeliavably bad news and reacts. Black 20s student fails an exam

Young couple watching video at home in slow motion. Shocked people looking bad news at computer together. Sad couple watching movie at laptop in big house.


Close up of a man recieving bad news on his smart phone in slow motion

Depressed unhappy disgusted frustrated elderly black senior woman in her 50s or 60s looking at a computer monitor and reacting in a negative way to bad news or serious information - dolly shot

man thinking about some bad news

Disappointed employee giving up on business project in office, feeling stressed and desperate. Assistant worrying about failure and bad news, working on finances under pressure.

Doctor is giving bad news

Team of businesspeople standing together in conference room and react to bad news as if just learned inconvenient information that upset them

African american business man getting bad news outdoors. Stressed afro male professional feeling upset outside. Upset african businessman reading shocked message at urban street

man getting bad news

Bad News in the Middle of the Day/Businessman getting bad news. He is in the stress, the mood spoiled. Perhaps he learned about his dismissal. He gets up, takes his jacket from the chair and goes. He is in a large, bright office

man outside bad news

Doctor sitting in the office and telling bad news


A pensive businessman recieving bad news about stock market crash on his laptop

man is defeated. Sad businessman finds out bad news and falls into despair

Shocked businessman reading bad news in the newspaper

doctor with tablet bad news

Young business man hearing bad news talking on phone in home office at evening. Man shock from business problem. Portrait of upset businessman talking on phone with disappointed face


Young adult asian man recieving bad news on his laptop watching financial market crash

Upset business woman portrait. Sad businesswoman working on laptop computer at home workplace. Upset manager using laptop indoors. Stressed business woman reading bad news on laptop screen

Handsome young home freelancer with glasses and yellow hair working at home, using a laptop. While Getting Bad News from Reading Bad News on a Laptop. Sad and disappointment man.

Portrait of shocked Caucasian brunette woman holding head with hands as her son talking at the foreground. Teenager bringing bad news to adult anxious mother. Problem, family, lifestyle, support.

Upset business man looking at fault in documents outdoors. Disappointed man reading bad news in papers outside. Sad businessman walking with financial report at city street.

senior man thinking of some bad news

Middle shot of anxious Caucasian brunette woman telling bad news to teenage boy. Mother sharing problems with son sitting at the table indoors. Lifestyle, unity, trust, family.

Shocked Frustrated Handsome Young Man worried isolated on White Background. Feels Stress and Depression touching his Face , wearing black T - Shirt. Unhappy Man. Bad News. Problems.

Bad news - a husband comforting his wife

Sad bearded man watching laptop and telling bad news and sharing failures with diverse coworkers in office

Middle aged woman in eyewear and pajamas looking on laptop screen with disappointment on face. Concept of human expression and bad news.

Sad woman reading bad news on tablet computer at morning. Upset woman lying in bed. Disappointed girl watching tablet computer. Close up of sad girl looking at tablet in bedroom.

senior asian man sitting in hospital bench devastated by bad news on health

Woman starts crying at doctor after hearing bad news about her or other dear person health. Bad news about terminal patient. Cancer or other terminal ill concept

Doctor checking x-ray and telling bad news to the camera