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Young girl in a bad state of health

Heavily breathing shirtless athletic man with barbell on floor of gym recovering power looking extremely tired.

Smoking. Bad habit


A young man walks to the garbage can and throws a cigarette butt at it

Eye Strain. Tired Businesswoman Taking Off Glasses And Massaging Nosebridge At Workplace

Big fat Male gangster member smoking cigarette tobacco standing on the street side, Smoking kills, lung cancer, nicotine addiction, exhale smoke, bad habit, bad for health, close up front view

Exhausted man taking off glasses feeling eye strain from computer. Stressed overworked businessman taking off glasses tired from computer.

The woman in medical mask stands in crowdy flow. time lapse

Young Man Using Spray Deodorant On Armpit Skin

Close up portrait of a young woman blowing her nose with a common cold or flu at home in her bed wearing a bathrobe

Doctor is giving bad news


Bearded young man smoking a cigarette

Upset crying sick charming middle aged woman consoled by beloved husband, receiving bad news about health status from empathetic african american male doctor during visit at medical clinic.

Young irritated woman cannot sleep from headache. Lies alone in bed in the bedroom under white blanket on pillow in white pajamas and massages her temples for migraines. Sleep disorder, insomnia

Overwork concept. Young tired woman working on laptop computer, taking off glasses and massaging nose bridge

Male doctor talking to a female patient and trying to gently comfort her while she reacts in a serious sad manner to her diagnosis


Indian woman massaging nose bridge to reduce strong headache


Exhausted woman feels unhealthy massage nose bridge touches temples

Social issues and substance abuse with syringes used for heroin and drugs on dirty floor. Low angle, dolly shot

Young drug addict pushes the phone in a bad state of health

Sick man lying in the bed

people, healthcare and problem concept - woman suffering from stomach ache

Young woman lying in bed with a headache experiencing sinus pain during an illness such as the common cold, flu, or allergies - dolly shot

people, healthcare and health problem concept - unhappy man coughing at home

The man with face mask stands in the crowdy megapolis space. time lapse

Sad moment when a female patient gets bad news about her illness or from her doctor in an exam room

Doctor sitting in the office and telling bad news

Asian woman sitting alone in hospital. Worried and anxious from thinking of bad news 4K

childhood, healthcare and medicine concept - ill man with thermometer checking temperature having flu at home


Overloaded woman touches temples having strong throbbing headache

Flu woman feeling throat pain at morning. Sick woman touching sore neck at bedroom. Close up of sick girl feeling throat pain in bed at home. Female tonsillitis symptoms

Pensive unhappy older female look aside lost in heavy thoughts

Tired mature older female pensioner having headache.

Asian woman sitting alone in hospital. Worried and anxious from thinking of bad news 4K

Young woman taking her temperature with a digital thermometer while blowing her nose, coughing, and lying in bed wearing a bathrobe

people, healthcare and problem concept - unhappy man suffering from pain in back or reins at home

Worried Young Man Looking In Mirror At Home, Unhappy With Skin Condition


Sick employee sit at workplace coughing having coronavirus symptoms

Young wife crying after hearing doctor bad news in hospital waiting room. Doctor giving unfavorable test results. Stressed man and woman during medic appointment.


Closeup face sad pensive Black teen female suffer of loneliness

people, healthcare, rhinitis, cold and allergy concept - unhealthy indian man with paper napkin blowing nose over gray background

Ill young Caucasian girl sitting on sofa in living room under blanket drinking hot tea and caughing as having covid. Unhealthy infected female at home during pandemic. Sick woman sipping drink.

Worried young couple wearing face mask against infection with coronavirus while waiting news from doctor. Wife crying from unfavorable news during covid-19.


Lonely woman curled up in ball suffering from heartache

4K Young businessman working on laptop at office, feeling discomfort and back pain, Office syndrome problem

Worried Young Woman Looking In Mirror At Home, Unhappy With Skin Condition

Female doctor talking bad news to patient in hospital

A close-up of crooked teeth