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Tilt up of masculine back muscles

Back view of unrecognizable sportsman without shirt doing chin-ups hanging on bar in sunny gym.


Shot from behind young asian man touching his back suffering from lower back pain, body muscles cramp discomfort, back ache from office syndrome, man standing under trees shade expressing back injury

Active sporty fit black female warming up, doing stretching exercises for legs and back muscles, following online fitness course on laptop pc while sitting on yoga mat during indoor workout.


Sportsman in gym doing an exercise on the simulator, aimed at the back muscles. View from the back

Close-up of confident perspiring sportsman training shoulder and back muscles in gym. Serious handsome Middle Eastern man using pull down machine for muscular built. Sport, health, lifestyle.

Lower back and hip stretch, a young fit slim female model cooling down after morning workout at green park, hands placed on hip and rotating in circle, standing on comfortable meadow, health care

Fitness woman showing her back muscles

Back view muscular man doing wide grip pull ups on horizontal bar. Powerful athlete pumping arm muscles with chin ups in gym. Strong bodybuilder making intensity training during training session


Girl with a figure does exercise for the back muscles on the simulator. Nearby is a woman coach

Man Exercising Back

Adult male with severe head/neck/shoulder pain, massaging neck


Determined active sporty fit African American man lying on fitness mat, practicing dead bug exercise, strengthening and stabilizing core, spine, and back muscles while training in public park.

Woman lifting barbell in gym. Ffitness brunette doing weight lifting workout barbell, doing back strengthening exercise as her daily fitness training routine at gym.

Back view of unrecognizable sportsman without shirt doing chin-ups hanging on bar in sunny gym.

From below shot of ethnic sportive woman with headphones training back muscles while sitting on exercise equipment and looking at camera at street.

Muscular System of human body animation

woman with back pain window

Active handsome African American father and cute preadolescent son in casual clothes having fun, doing push ups exercise, strengthening shoulder and back muscles while enjoying leisure at home.


Asian Male Athlete Stretching Neck Shoulder Arms and Back Muscles against city sunset inside natural park. Active handsome young adult doing exercises outdoors at dawn. Urban Lifestyle. Health Care

Muscular System of human body animation

Back view of muscular male fighter in boxing gloves celebrating victory. Rear view of athletic shirtless man raising hands in boxing gloves and triumphing. Winner concept

young man with muscle pain

young woman is doing exercises for shoulders and neck, warming muscles at morning workout, rotating arms forward and back

Muscular pain. Unrecognizable muscular african american man suffering from shoulder pain, massaging and warming up neck

Portrait of active charming sporty fit black woman exercising yoga cat pose on fitness mat, stretching back and neck muscles,, improving blood circulation while working out in mountains at daybreak.

back pain window shadow


Athletic man without a T-shirt pulls up on the bar. Close up back muscles

Building Up Muscles

Active motivated fitness african woman in sport clothes performing back squat with body bar in domestic room, strengthening lower body muscles while practicing intense workout indoors.

Man knead the the back muscles

Back view of sporty woman doing lunge exercise in gym. Rear view of athletic young woman in sportswear holding dumbbells and training in gym


adult man is relaxing in massage salon, masseuse is kneading back muscles, prevention and curing osteochondrosis

Sliding shot of a young woman with stunning sexy fit and toned body stretching her back using foam roller. Attractive sportswoman relaxing after workout at the gym. Relaxation, flexibility concept.

attractive sportswoman doing an exercise on a training apparatus in the gym. girl doing an exercise on the muscles of the back

Young women who are in the yoga center perform an exercise basket that helps the muscles of the back to become more flexible and elastic. Women alternately stretch their hands forward

Bodybuilder's strong back. Strong man working out in gym. Sportsman keeps two dumbbells in hands.

Young fit men in gym working out with weights.


Close up of bodybuilder face. Man shakes hands and back muscles on the simulator

Workout Hispanic young woman building body muscles by using Inflight Fitness Smith Machine in gym or fitness club. Girl lift weight with barbell on shoulders while squats exercise for good health.

Unrecognizable woman with vitiligo pigmentation self massaging her back and shoulders muscles at home, slow motion


Unhealthy young woman touching injured sore back, suffering from back pain isolated over blue background. Ill asian female having spasms from torn muscles, pinched nerve, kidney stones

Rear view bodybuilder lifting a dumbbells. Young bodybuilder training with dumbbells on black background. Perfect muscles of back.


Vertical vide of male training back and hands muscles doing pulls weight exercise in a gym

Muscles pain. Young shirtless african american man suffering from neck inflammation, massaging his body and frowning

Back view of shirtless athlete with muscular back hanging on bar and training chin-ups. Slow motion 4K shot on Red cinema camera.

Strong toned young woman in a darkened gym standing with her back to the camera and muscles defined by a small light in the distance

Close up of young woman with uneven pigmentation massaging her neck at home, back view, slow motion