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Newborn closeup of eyes observing the world.

Baby with blue eyes

Baby boy little happy. Smiling, looking up. Glad. Blue eyes. Funny. Close-up. Looking through the camera. Slow motion

Sleeping baby boy eyes, closeup

close-up portrait of blue eyed baby boy

Blue-eyed newborn baby lying and looking around in wonder


Close-up portrait of blond beautiful baby girl with grey eyes eating multivitamin nutritious food from spoon. Unrecognizable young mother feeding cute daughter as twin eating at background.

Close Up of Babies Looking Into Camera

Happy baby face. Baby smiling portrait. Portrait of kid smiling. Infant baby boy smiling. Portrait of newborn child

Baby standing in bed at home. Portrait of baby girl stand in cot. Baby eyes looking for mother. Sad toddler waiting for parents. Little child in bed. Sweet infant at home


Headshot of cute baby girl grimacing having fun indoors at home. Close-up portrait of Caucasian blond charming child with grey eyes making faces sitting on stairs.

Child in bad. Look at camera

Baby standing in bed at home. Portrait of baby boyl stand in cot. Baby eyes looking for mother.

Infant baby with blue eyes looking mom. Little girl biting her finger. Baby mirror reflection. Little kid with interesting face looking. Cute baby girl

Close up of baby's face while it smiles and laughs. A cute little baby is looking into the camera.


The look of the baby in the camera close up shot. A cute little baby is looking into the camera. Concept of caring for children, parental love.

Small child with expressive eyes smiles sweetly

HD version - Close up shot of baby peeking out of crib

Young girl expressive eyes

Profile of young girl looking up at sunset sky. Kid wants a dream come true portrait at sunset. baby daughter silhouette dreaming of a happy childhood. Girl looks-up, passionate dreamer.

A cute baby boy with big eyes in nursery

Close-up the face of a newborn baby in the early days who wakes up and opens his eyes. A newborn baby grimaces through a dream. Newborn in the first minutes of life.

A closeup of a cute baby girl with bright grey eyes, lying on her tummy on white sheets. She is looking around, putting her head down from time to time

Adorable baby girl lying on stomach and looking aside

Pretty small baby with blue eyes looking attentively and smiling

Happy Baby Looking at Camera and Laughs, Slow motion

Cute Baby on a Bad

Close-up face shot of Caucasian blond baby boy with dark blue eyes, wearing denim shirt, gazing at camera and around, then turning away


Close up of Newborn Baby's and Mother Hand

Cute baby face with blue eyes. Close up of little baby. Portrait of infant baby standing in bed and looking around. Toddler girl face in cot. Adorable child in crib looking mom

Little blond boy with blue eyes looking up the sky raising hands, sitting on green grass

sleeping baby happy and carefree, the mother caresses kiss goodnight. concept of house and home. night and happy dreams, no mosquitoes, no noisy home and comfortable mattresses. comfortable children

Close-up shot of quiet two months baby girl in bouncy seat at home. Little child looking around with big blue eyes and moving hands

Adorable baby smiles and laughs at home

Portrait of cute blue-eyed baby is crying

Boy with beautiful blue eyes smiling

Sleepy infant baby boy lying on mothers lap and rubbing his eyes

Baby Girl with Blue Eyes Close up Face

little girl looking out the window - tracking shot

Baby doll with beautiful blue eyes on fire slow motion

Baby girl sleeping on bed

Beautiful Smiling Baby: A gorgeous little baby lies on the bed and smiles at the camera with a nice soft focus background.

Cute baby crawling and smiling towards the camera

New Born Baby smiling on a blanket

Baby girl with tablet rubbing her eyes after crying

Portrait of three months baby girl with big blue eyes


Close up moment of little adorable baby girl crying next to her mother, both baby eyes get tear dropped on face, asian young adult consoling a crying preschooler and embracing for good transition