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MOSCOW - May 21: People applaud in the theater on the evening dedicated to the anniversary of Arkadiy Inin - famous russian satirist on May 21, 2013 in Moscow, Russia.

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Audience Applaud Speaker At Business Conference Shot On R3D

Audience applauding at a business seminar, close up

Brest, Belarus - MAY 9, 2018: A lot of young people studying at the conference. They sit in a large auditorium and listen to the lecturer

Closeup amazed woman applauding at movie premiere in dark hall. Portrait of smiling girl enjoying film in movie theater. Happy female person spending evening in cinema.

A man talking on the stage giving a lecture to the audience

JYVASKYLA, FINLAND - AUGUST 17, 2018: The audience adults and children carefully watching the play during the international theatre festival "Art-Workshop"

Arts, entertainment, show business, cinema, theater, people, movie, drama

Slow motion of each and every one in the big crowd being happy and excited with music beats. Applause agianst bright stage lights

Audience applauded at theatrical performance. Middle shot.

Speaker on stage. View from the audience.

Close-up of laughing dark-skinned couple eating popcorn while watching funny movie in cinema theater. Cheerful black husband and wife enjoying comedy movie in cinema, laughing together

MOSCOW - May 21, 2013: People applaud in the Aquamarine theater in Moscow, Russia: Audience of different ages sitting in a theatre or cinema hall

JYVASKYLA, FINLAND - AUGUST 19, 2018: The audience applaud the artists during the international theatre festival Art-Workshop

A business conference. People sitting on the chairs and listening the lecture. A woman talking on stage with a microphone

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall. 4k.

Showman. Middle Age Male entertainer, presenter or actor on stage. Arms to sides, smoke on background of spotlight. Front view portrait of a male public speaker speaking at the microphone, pointing

A woman recording the jazz performance on her phone. The audience clapping their hands

NEW YORK, USA- DECEMBER 2017: top view of the spectators of the theater before the performance

Panning Time Lapse of Audience Filling Movie Theater for Screening

Showman. Young male entertainer, presenter or actor on stage. Back, arms to sides, smoke on background of spotlight. Rear view of a male public speaker speaking at the microphone, pointing, in the

Viewers sitting in front of a big chroma key screen in the auditorium. Audience applauding, light going down

JYVASKYLA, FINLAND - AUGUST 19, 2018: The audience applaud the artists during the international theatre festival Art-Workshop

Fans ecstatic with music. Night club. Night life.

Rear view of muslim women in hijab at the mass rally listening to speaker

People applauding at concert

Audience applauded in the theater.

Smiling girl watching theater performance and laughing. Spectators have fun. Cinema people watching comedy movie. Close up of woman face watching funny movie at cinema in slow motion

Many people at the conference listen to the presenter. Rear view of people sitting in the auditorium

Close up portrait of attractive asian female in business suit taking part at educational marketing seminar. Smiling woman with co-workers attentively listening to speaker during business training

Rear view of men speaking through a microphone in dark conference hall. Man talks into microphones at press conference. Profile of mature male politician speaking passionately from tribune

A cheering crowd under a night sky full of twinkling stars, with spotlights sweeping the background.

Spectators on the concert hall applauding the performance on stage

4K Close up of Microphone on stage in auditorium, Slow motion shot

Close up portrait shot of young bearded man watching comedy film in theater. He is laughing and clapping while looking at screen

The female financial coach emotional gesturing talks from the stage with spectators at forum. Too many anonymous persons workers and students seat in large auditorium and watch workshop background

Speaker at business workshop and presentation. Audience at the conference room.

Empty movie theater auditorium with seats. Rows of void seats in cinema. Cinema theatre hall with empty armchairs. Cinema hall with red armchairs. Movie entertainment

MOSCOW - May 21: Panning shot of pleased audience in movie theatre on May 21, 2013 in Moscow, Russia.

Pumping DJ Show

Audience - spectators in the concert hall applauding the performance on stage

The stadium watching sports show in the winter.

People Enjoying the Music on the Concert

Kiev, Ukraine 25. 08. 2012. Spectators watch the performance. Friends of the groom at a wedding ceremony. Men laugh.

Dolly shot of conference hall with chairs in rows

Close-up of clapping hands of impressed people attending an impressing event. No visible faces.

Anonymous people applaud at the theatre performance. Shot from back, no visible faces. High angle.