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Medium shot of three soldiers posing with guns against the backdrop of a lake as the sun sets behind them

Man with gun in hand pointing, shooting. Dangerous killer, dark. Aim, armed guy gangster, psycho. Without face

Slow motion of unrecognizable military people with firearms walking on battlefield

Soldier training crawling through the mud with rifle. Marine unit navigating obstacle course for elite training in muddy crawling path with equipment.

Squad of special forces rangers with combat shotgun rescuing injured and unconscious soldier from battlefield under enemy fire. Army medics dragging wounded fellow away to safe place during combat.

Soldiers in blue uniform and white beautiful caps, holding a gun and standing in a line. At the awards ceremony

Rear view of ranger team walking through a field in slow motion

Russia, TolyattI, May 9, 2015: Russian soldiers marching on the parade ground. Military parade on Victory Day

Squad of armed terrorists patrolling a forest area during combat

F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft

Man hands shooting with gun. Police officer pushing finger on trigger of pistol. Male killer making two shots from weapon with sparks. Closeup soldier using firearm

Military soldiers training during military training 4k

Osprey Helicopters of 3rd MAW conducts air lift of battalion

Man picked up a 9mm pistol and shoots in shooting range. More men in the blur background. Close up, selective focus and copy space.

Military warehouse rifles.

colonial man writing a document during the 1776 American Revolutionary War

soldiers marching by the street

Riot Police Ready For Battle

Rear view of a German soldier walking along a barb wire fence guarding a concentration camp. Reenactment of WWII

a gunman holding a rifle

Policewoman holding gun in hands. Female cop pointing pistol at camera. Closeup police officer shooting with weapon. Focus on barrel of pistol

Front view of military soldiers training during military training 4k

Military troops running over tyres during obstacle course 4k

MV-22 Osprey Functional Check Flight

Close-up black artillery machine-gun of naval forces

Drone with thermal night vision camera view of soldiers walking during war

Vintage army goes on rural road

detective putting gun in holster

Two robbers with guns come into shop and extort money from the cashier's seller. Side view 4K stabilized shot

Group of muggers attacking male walking alone in the middle of day. Brave young man using skill of self defense techniques neutralizing thugs knocking them out on street and running away

Close-up of young caucasian military soldier rifle training in fields during military training 4k

Slow motion of armed soldiers running alongside shabby fence when bomb exploding and killing military man

Close-up of military soldiers training during military training 4k

Low section of military soldiers walking during military training 4k

Man tries gun on sale

Military radar exploring evening sky against scenic sunset

Group of police officers following criminal man with modern rifle in urban building. Male offender with firearm running away from cops. African american policeman aiming suspect with gun


Slow Motion United States military helicopter in Vietnam

Millitary operation with gorup of soliders attacking enemy line in dense forest during day time

Soldiers Prepare for Deployment of drone and preparing for military action

Front view anti terrorist squad looking through scopes on automatic rifles. Closeup squad of SWAT police targeting scopes on modern firearms. Military soldiers in helmets walking on steel bridge

Masked Team of Armed Modern Warfare Soldiers Team Move in Tactical Formation in a Dark Urban Battlefield Indoors. Soldiers Squad with Rifles and Flashlights in action.

Military troops running over tyres during obstacle course 4k

CSI detectives walking through house

CSI detectives walking into the house

Three experienced special forces fighters throwing granade and opening fire through doorway while suspecting presence of enemy in a room of captured ruined building. Well-coordinated trio on mission

assassin getting the gun loaded

Squad of armed terrorists patrolling a forest area during combat