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Close-up of male hand surfing social media on smartphone indoors. Unrecognizable Middle Eastern young man messaging online. Modern technologies and wireless communication concept.

Vendors at market stalls in East Jerusalem.

Young millennial Middle Eastern man waiting in queue talking and messaging online on smartphone. Caucasian and Muslim people waiting in line indoors. Urban lifestyle.

Busy stressed handsome man talking on the phone indoors at window. Side view portrait of thoughtful Middle Eastern millennial with smartphone. Lifestyle and communication concept.

Middle shot of concentrated Middle Eastern boy thinking and making I got an idea gesture standing indoors. Portrait of inspired child posing at home looking at camera with excited facial expression.

A moving shot reveals the Arab Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem.

People walk in the Arab Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem at night.

Bnei Akiva youth with flags of Israel

Crowds of people walk near the Damascus Gate in the Arab Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem.

Israeli kids with flags

Headshot of young confident handsome man looking out the window, turning to camera and smiling. Portrait of successful Middle Eastern guy indoors. Lifestyle and confidence concept.

Happy loving Muslim couple sitting in cafe hugging and talking with blurred Caucasian man sitting at background. Young Middle Eastern man and woman dating in cafeteria. Love concept.

Close-up portrait of handsome confident Middle Eastern teenage boy talking with little brother in slow motion. Friendly sibling advising kid sitting at home indoors. Support and endorsement concept.

Close up of a face of a Palestinian Bedouin man in headscarf.

Crowds of people walk in the Arab Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem.

Positive beautiful interracial couple waving smiling and talking looking at camera. Happy Caucasian woman and Middle Eastern man blogging in kitchen at home. Modern lifestyle and wireless communication.

Headshot of charming confident Muslim woman with closed face and brown eyes looking at camera. Portrait of beautiful Middle Eastern young lady posing indoors. Femininity concept.

Pan across of people walk out of the Damascus Gate in the old city of Jerusalem.

Unrecognizable excited Middle Eastern young man swiping smartphone and making victory gesture. Happy successful millennial rejoicing indoors. Modern technologies and lifestyle.

Happy loving interracial couple posing in kitchen at home. Beautiful slim Caucasian blond woman and handsome confident Middle Eastern man looking at camera hugging and smiling. Love and unity.

Headshot of cheerful Middle Eastern young man talking on the phone smiling as Caucasian woman passing at background. Cheating husband and beautiful wife in kitchen at home. Relationship and guilt.

Headshot of handsome young Middle Eastern doctor with brown eyes looking at camera smiling. Close-up portrait of confident male physician posing in hospital indoors.

Portrait of thoughtful Middle Eastern man looking in empty wallet sitting at home with laptop. Worried young handsome freelancer or businessman thinking on ideas indoors.

Happy Caucasian girl in eyeglasses and positive Middle Eastern man showing strength gesture looking at camera. Portrait of cheerful doctor and patient posing in hospital indoors. Health care concept.

Camera follows young Middle Eastern doctor walking to elevator in hospital. Back view of confident man in uniform at workplace in medical clinic. Profession and occupation.

Exhausted man sitting on bed in the morning sighing. Portrait of tired handsome Middle Eastern guy waking up at home in the morning. Fatigue and tiredness concept.

Side view portrait of happy loving young woman hugging cheerful handsome man at home indoors. Romantic Caucasian wife expressing feelings to Middle Eastern husband embracing in kitchen.

People walk in the Arab Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem.

Portrait of nervous stressed Middle Eastern boy making mistake writing on paper doing homework indoors. Overworked student in eyeglasses studying at home on coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Close-up of cotton swab in doctor hand with blurred little girl at background. Male Middle Eastern pediatrician taking Covid-19 test of patient in hospital. Medical examination and health care.

Cheerful proud Middle Eastern boy scattering money in slow motion, crossing hands and looking at camera. Portrait of rich child posing at home indoors with pack of dollars. Pride and wealth concept.

Headshot of cheerful charming Middle Eastern boy talking and gesturing in slow motion indoors. Close-up portrait of happy child sharing secrets with brother at home. Trust and support concept.

Wide shot portrait of smiling handsome young man sitting on bed with coffee cup surfing social media on smartphone. Confident tattooed Middle Eastern guy messaging online in the morning in bedroom.

Device addicted millennial couple surfing social media hugging in kitchen at home. Middle Eastern man and Caucasian woman messaging online embracing indoors. Lifestyle and internet addiction.

Wide shot of handsome fit Middle Eastern man waking up in the morning. Portrait of tattooed confident guy in pajamas stretching and standing up from bed in bedroom. Domestic lifestyle.

Portrait of happy smiling handsome man wiping face with white towel standing at shower cabin. Relaxed confident Middle Eastern guy in bathroom in the morning. Confidence and hygiene.

Smiling confident pediatrician welcoming shy little girl in hospital. Portrait of handsome Middle Eastern man talking and shaking hand of cute Caucasian child in clinic. Occupation and medicine.

Portrait of charming Caucasian girl inhaling and exhaling as doctor using stethoscope. Cute little patient visiting Middle Eastern doctor pediatrician in hospital. Medical examination.

Camera moves down from face of busy Middle Eastern man talking on smartphone to male hands typing on laptop keyboard. Portrait of handsome young guy messaging online and chatting in bedroom.

Middle shot of angry stressed man sitting on bed thinking. Unhappy Middle Eastern tattooed guy in bedroom at home in the morning. Stress and anger concept.

Sleeping man stretching and waking up in bed. Portrait of tattooed Middle Eastern guy in the morning in bedroom. Awakening concept.

Cheerful cute girl with toothy smile listening to blurred doctor talking holding syringe with Covid-19 vaccine. Positive Caucasian patient in pediatric clinic with Middle Eastern doctor.

Portrait of happy handsome man receiving message in bathroom in the morning. Positive tattooed Middle Eastern guy messaging on smartphone at home indoors. Device addiction concept.

Young handsome concentrated Middle Eastern male doctor sitting at table typing on laptop keyboard. Busy absorbed man working in hospital indoors. Zoom in.

Pediatrician and patient talking, looking at camera smiling and hugging. Portrait of positive Middle Eastern man and Caucasian girl posing in pediatric clinic indoors.

Portrait of handsome positive pediatrician listening auscultation of girl using stethoscope and talking. Cheerful Middle Eastern man consulting little Caucasian patient in hospital. Pediatric clinic.

Charming confident young Caucasian woman hugging Middle Eastern man in kitchen messaging online on smartphone. Portrait of absorbed girlfriend surfing social media indoors embracing boyfriend.

Portrait of joyful Middle Eastern young man messaging online on smartphone hugging blond Caucasian woman. Cheerful carefree boyfriend talking with girlfriend surfing Internet and laughing.