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Medical ventilation apparatus

Gelatin capsules spill out from pills machine

A chemical machine with tubes and glass in a lab

Patient in ophthalmology clinic. Man looks in synoptophore - ophthalmic Instrument, used for diagnosing imbalance of eye muscles and treating them by orthoptic methods, for treatment of strabismus

A complex apparatus with tubes and bubbles

An apparatus for blood transfusion

Woman getting rf lifting in her face in clinic. Anti-aging RF-therapy, rejuvenation and lifting procedure.

High-tech medical equipment

Close-up of female worker careful hands holding and pulling garment during steaming using professional equipment in dry-cleaning. Woman employee steaming clothing working with special machine

Beautiful woman enjoys procedure of rf-lifting facial skin in beauty salon

Athlete working out in gym. Bodybuilder doing exercises in gym. Apparatus in gym on the background.

Woman at the procedure of rf-lifting facial skin

Apparatus for eyesight improvement

Dermatologist examines the skin on the head of the girl

Screening of workers for Covid-19 coronavirus symptoms. Measurement of body temperature using laser pyrometer. Covid concept health and safety, coronavirus quarantine, next wave covid virus protection

Feet girl. The concept of beauty and body care. ELOS hair removal. Laser hair removal. Photoepilation.

Pressure-operated barometer with black pointer

Pill's machine for making capsules

Worker adjust the pharmaceutical machine for making capsules


A young man lies on a bloodied hospital and opens his eyes. apparatus for monitoring heart, oxygen and pulse. A young patient of the clinic in a coma. Regain consciousness

A machine for making butter from milk

A machine for making butter from milk

Beautician using tool to fill client's lips with permanent color

Young woman doing exercises on training apparatus in gym 20s. 1080p Slow Motion

the oculist doctor works in a private clinic, the man uses an apparatus for biomicroscopy of the eye to check the sight of an adult teenager

Doctor examining abdomen of senior man with ultrasonography equipment

Hardware figure correction. Machine cosmetology. Anti-cellulite massage.

Lots of beautiful sunflower seeds are rotating in the apparatus

a Still shot of a guy working out on the still rings a gymnastics apparatus that is extremely hard in slow motion 180 fps

A machine which is loading wooden logs

A wallpaper making machine

Beautician applying color on client's lips and wipes it with a cotton swab

close up shot of the autorefractor, the doctor examines the eyeball in an enlarged size, the ophthalmologist determines the curvature of the cornea

A man is picking up a package, then opening it and pouring plastic beads into the machine through the mesh

Doctor disinfect the skin on knee of patient before the procedure

Young woman doing exercises on training apparatus in gym 20s. 1080p Slow Motion

Closeup sport woman training leg flexion in sport simulator in gym. Sport woman training buttocks on fitness machine. Back view girl buttocks having fitness exercises in sport center.

Beautician makes procedure for clean face with hardware

woman receiving facial massage at beauty salon. Woman getting a cosmetic treatment, close-up. Beautician hands at work, applying facial mask on a beautiful face

Female hands moves the head of massage machine along the girl's back

the teenager came to the polyclinic to treat the eyeball, the medical equipment was sent to the pupil, the nurse sent the device to the right side

Fitness woman training leg flexion in sport simulator in gym. Sport woman doing leg exercises on fitness machine. Back view of blonde girl having fitness exercises in sport center.

Midsection of female worker standing at workplace with professional dry cleaning tools removing dirt from woman's jacket. Skillful employee spraying clothes with chemical stain remover and using dryer

close up shot of the woman's face, who checks the eyesight in the clinic, the teenager is waiting for the completion of the procedure and the discharge of points

Beautician makes massage with rf-lifting equipment in beauty clinic

Rf-lifting procedure in beauty clinic

Close-up of men's suit jacket hanging during packing in polyethylene after dry-cleaning in salon. Special equipment packing clean clothes on hangers at the end of professional dry cleaning

Young woman at the rf-lifting procedure in beauty salon