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Close-up of table with dried flowers and vintage chemical containers. Old male Caucasian hands grinding powder using mortar and pestle. Ancient apothecary, alternative medicine, retro, healthcare.

Close-up of Caucasian male hand putting dried butterfly into mortar and grinding ancient medicine with pestle. Healthcare, alternative medicine, retro, vintage.

Herbal, alternative medicine, oil drop falling down from a leaf to the bottle

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Keywords Animation, Background, Loop, 4k

Herbal medicine concept. Wooden spoon with herbal leaf and green capsules. Alternative medicine concept. Health care with natural ingredients. Organic drugs. Homeopathy herbal pills

Massage parlor. Male hand close-up

Group yoga training exercise. Mature adult man and woman getting Thai arms massage outdoors. Alternative medicine concept.

Close-up of doctor heating cup with fire and going to blurred male patient lying on couch at the background. Unrecognizable female Caucasian acupuncturist healing young tattooed man with cupping.

Hand dropping a large amount of dried marijuana buds on a table - slow push in, slow motion, overhead shot

Full shot of couple of young caucasian yogis getting ready to sadhu-yoga practice placing gravity nail board on floor

Herbal therapy concept. Herbal medicine capsules. Medical herbs and pills. Alternative medicine concept. Organic pharmacy concept. Herbal supplements rotating on table

Handheld closeup: Man receives Chinese Cupping Therapy treatment on back

Full shot of young female yoga instructor watching slim caucasian man standing on sadhu nails board meditating with hands above his head in praying position

Low-section footage of unrecognizable male feet standing on wooden board with metal nails used for meditation

Close-up of young asian-looking woman waiting for doctor to clean ears before acupuncture. Portrait of focused female blond patient with grey eyes on auriculoacupuncture.

Full shot of woman sitting in lotus pose placing hands on sharp nails of sadhu board then starting meditation with her eyes closed in spacious yoga studio

Full shot of young female yoga instructor explaining beginner basics of sadhu-yoga helping him to stand on nail board holding his hands

Young brunette Caucasian man lying on couch as unrecognizable doctor inserting needles in his back. Portrait of athletic handsome male patient undergoing acupuncture procedure. Healing, treatment.

Close-up of acupuncturist checking points in ear of young Asian woman. Process of auriculoacupuncture. Alternative medicine, acupuncture, health care.

Hand of doctor performing acupuncture therapy . Alternative medicine - doctor sticks needles into the woman's body on the acupuncture. Slow motion shot.

Female hands take green pill from table. Alternative medicine capsule. Close up of woman hand take pills. Herbal medicaments. Vitamin pills. Female health care concept

Full shot of young caucasian couple standing next to panoramic windows in yoga studio holding sadhu board for standing on nails talking and smiling together getting ready for practicing

Close-up of female doctor inserting needle in male skin. Hands of professional acupuncturist healing Caucasian man. Back acupuncture, alternative medicine.

Homeopathic medicine pills and capsules on white background. Alternative medicine therapy. Medical capsule on white table. Organic medical supplement. Healthcare concept

Therapeutic massage of male hand close up. Wrist stretch by thai yoga therapist. Alternative medicine concept.

Medium shot of young caucasian yoga coach looking at camera smiling holding wooden gravity nail board standing in bright spacious fitness studio with panoramic windows

Portrait of charming young woman in pink dress talking to professional acupuncturist. Professional doctor consulting positive asian-looking blond girl with grey eyes. Acupuncture concept.

No people footage of sadhu board for nail meditation on floor indoors in fitness studio

Midsection footage of young yogis holding wooden board with metal sharp nails for practicing yoga in studio with panoramic windows

Alternative medicine - irudotherapy for blonde young woman

Zoom-out footage of young fitness couple trying new yoga practice examining sadhu board for standing on nails placing their palms on sharp nails talking and enjoying process

Tilting-down shot of concentrated man doing breathing practice while standing on sadhu board with nails and female instructor controlling process

Cannabis field, close view

Tilting-up closeup of female hands touching sadhu yoga board for healing and relaxing during meditation

Tilting-down medium close up of young male yoga instructor telling female yoga beginner basics of standing on nails using wooden sadhu board

Herbal pills on white table. Pharmatheutical production. Herb capsule in tube. Herbal medicine drugs. Medical capsule bottle with alternative medicine pills . Pharmaceutical industry

Full shot of young caucasian couple at yoga class standing on sadhu board practicing standing on nails doing breathing and stretching exercises

Massage for beautiful girl - hand of the masseur on woman's back

Spa. Hands of the masseur-close-up

Relaxing massage on the foot in spa salon - indoors

Close up: Man receives Chinese Cupping Therapy treatment on back

Close-up of female Caucasian feet heated with moxa. Indirect moxibustion of unrecognizable young woman. Acupuncturist healing patient using alternative chinese medicine.

Close-up of male Caucasian back with inserted acupuncture needles and electrical equipment connected. Electroacupuncture of unrecognizable man. Healing of muscle pain, alternative therapy.

Massage for beautiful girl - hand of the masseur on woman's back

Low-section shot of unrecognizable man on gravity nail board meditating with burning incense sticks for relaxation

Extreme close-up of acupuncture needle inserted into body. Unrecognizable doctor healing young Caucasian patient using traditional chinese medicine.

b roll man back with vacuum cups on the skin Cupping therapy alternative medicine unrecognizable masseur at work

Female hands opening acupuncture needles at front as blurred young blond woman looking at camera from background. Portrait of weak patient in acupuncturist clinic. Healing, treatment, medicine.