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Silhouette of hopeless fired employee escaping problems in alcohol abuse while sitting in loneliness at home. Many empty bottles on foreground. Wasted alcoholic man drinking alcohol beverage indoors.

Closeup of wasted alcoholic man with shaking hands trying to refill glass with whiskey and spilling alcohol beverage on the dirty table. Adult man in alcohol abuse pouring whiskey into glass indoors.

Depressed hopeless middle aged bearded businessman leaning on glass of whiskey while drinking alcohol beverage alone in domestic room at night. Man escaping reality and problems in alcohol abuse.

Close-up of four alcoholic friends toasting at home. Young people abusing alcohol, drinking together and clinking glasses. Social drinking, alcohol abuse concept

Close-up of beer bottles standing on ruins with blurred teenage boy crying at the background. Desperate teenager having alcohol addiction. Harmful habits and adolescence concept.

Male hand covering glass with red wine standing on glass table. Unrecognizable young Caucasian man fighting alcohol addiction. Symbol of recovery.

Wasted hopeless adult drunk woman in midlife crisis drinking wine while sitting alone at home. Abandoned lonely female in self-pity escaping problems and reality in alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Alcohol addiction. Portrait of young woman which is suffering depression, alcohol abuse concept. 4K (UHD).

Abandoned emotionally stressed woman in tears drinking glass of red wine at home to relieve the pain after husband leave to younger female. Cheated wife after divorce in alcohol abuse crying indoors.

Portrait of middle aged bearded businessman in formalwear drinking glass of whiskey after hard day work while sitting alone in evening at office. Depressed man escaping problems with alcohol abuse.

Hopeless drunk middle-aged businessman with glass of alcohol beverage experiencing problems of alcohol abuse. Male sitting at the table over blurry wife with suitcase leaving her husband in background

Frustrated teenage boy drinking beer at slum and crying. Side view portrait of depressed mixed-race teenager with alcohol bottle on ruins outdoors. Frustration and addiction.

Drunk boozy female in mini skirt and high heeled shoes walking alone in dark underpass tunnel alone. Tipsy woman stumbling and touching the wall trying to find the way home at night

Exhausted depressed Caucasian young man lying on glass table looking at whiskey in glass Portrait of frustrated addicted alcoholic at home indoors. Alcohol addiction concept.

Side view of desperate Gypsy man drinking beer at urban slum. Portrait of depressed young guy with alcohol spending summer day on urban ruins outdoors. Vagrancy and despair concept.

Exhausted drunk middle aged man with glass of whiskey in hand waking up on the sofa, suffering bad headache and hangover in domestic room. Man in alcohol abuse sleeping on the couch at home. Dolly.

Shooting under glass table of blurred man pouring whiskey from decanter in glass and taking drink in hand. Young Caucasian addicted alcoholic drinking alcohol at home indoors. Addiction concept.

Desperate crying young man drinking beer on urban ruins. Portrait of frustrated mixed-race addicted guy in ghetto. Social inequality and alcohol addiction concept.

Bottom view of teenage boy drinking beer in ghetto and looking at camera with aggressive facial expression. Portrait of mixed-race or Gypsy guy with alcohol addiction on slum or urban ruins.

Close-up of drunk depressed teenager in hood holding beer bottle and thinking. Portrait of desperate teenage boy drinking at slum or urban ruins. Adolescence and alcohol addiction concept.

Close-up of unrecognizable brunette man sleeping at the table with wine bottle. Portrait of young unconscious Caucasian alcoholic drinker indoors. Alcohol abuse, addiction, alcoholism.

A group of three young drug addicts lying on sofa passed out after overdose at night at home. Cocaine bags, powder, money roll and cigarette butts on mirror table. Drug and alcohol abuse. Dolly shot

Bottom view of young addicted man pouring whiskey, shooting from glass with alcohol. Caucasian male alcoholic filling drink glass.

Wide shot of frustrated teenager standing at abandoned ruined urban slum and drinking beer. Side view of depressed young alcoholic on ruins on summer day. Vagrancy and homelessness.

Close-up of female Caucasian hand putting empty bottles on glass table. Unrecognizable woman with alcohol indoors.

Young Caucasian handsome man stretching palm looking at camera and holding glass with red wine. Close-up portrait of addicted male alcoholic making stop gesture. Addict refusing help.

Road accident victim lying on asphalt as drunk young woman approaching to body holding wine bottle. Unrecognizable drunken Caucasian driver and corpse hit by car. Alcohol abuse and driving.

Legs of drunken woman in mini skirt and high stiletto shoes walking stumbling alone at night after party. Female feeling sick after alchohol abuse, she stops and throws up behind column in the tunnel

Camera follows unrecognizable young man walking on urban with beer bottle. Back view of alcoholic strolling in sunlight outdoors on slum. Social problems and vagrancy.

Portrait of alcoholic adult businessman holding glass of whiskey sleeping drunk on the table in domestic interior. Wasted drunk man in midlife crisis lying on the table in alcohol abuse and alcoholism

Close-up of depressed Caucasian man holding head in hands sitting at home indoors. Portrait of frustrated stressed alcoholic getting drunk. alcohol abuse and addiction concept.

Four young alcoholics sitting on sofa at night in domestic room at home, abusing alcohol while hooded shirt male rolling marijuana joint. Alcohol abuse, social issues and drug addiction concept

Close-up of glass with whiskey on glass table with unrecognizable blurred man crossing hands no at background. Young Caucasian male alcoholic refusing drink indoors. Addiction recovery concept.

Close-up of bottom bottles put on glass table with female Caucasian hand. Unrecognizable young Caucasian woman putting empty tare after party indoors.

Young mixed-race addicted man drinking beer from bottle on ruins and looking at camera. Portrait of aggressive homeless person having alcohol addiction. Abuse and poverty.

Back view of aggressive young man drinking beer and shouting at abandoned slum. Mixed-race alcoholic yelling on ruins drinking alcohol from bottle. Aggression and abuse concept.


Tattooed young man with unbuttoned shirt drinking beer from bottle smiling looking at camera. Portrait of confident Caucasian guy with alcohol bottle posing at grey background.


Desperate hopeless middle aged Caucasian woman crying drinking red wine standing at home alone. Lonely wealthy rich lady overdrinking on weekend. Depression and frustration concept.

Portrait of joyful young man talking with friend holding glass with scotch. Positive smiling Caucasian friends enjoying weekend leisure with alcohol at home indoors.

Two male friends clinking, drinking scotch and talking. Portrait of Caucasian men resting with alcohol indoors. Friendship and weekend leisure concept.

Top view of drunken young man in eyeglasses leaning on armchair with blurred alcohol bottles standing on floor at background. Drunk Caucasian alcoholic sitting on couch at home indoors.

Young Caucasian man waking up on sunny day after party at home. Drunk sleepy guy looking around thinking, empty alcohol bottles standing in house indoors. Addiction and hangover concept.

Portrait of young sad man drinking whiskey at home thinking. Thoughtful depressed Caucasian guy sitting on armchair with gun and alcohol in decanter on table. Despair and addiction.

Young male hands pouring whiskey in glass from decanter with blurred sad drunken man at background. Alcohol addicted person getting drunk indoors at home. Addiction and lifestyle.

Full and empty alcohol bottles on glass table with two blurred men clinking and toasting at background. Young Caucasian male friends resting on weekends indoors at home.

Close-up portrait of sad frustrated young man holding glass with red wine at forehead looking at camera. Upset Caucasian drunk guy with alcohol at home indoors.

Wide shot portrait of drunk Caucasian young man standing indoors with empty beer bottle. Drunken frustrated guy at home. Alcohol addiction and depression concept.

Blurred sad Caucasian man moving apart glass and decanter with whiskey and putting head on glass table. Depressed addicted alcoholic getting drunk indoors at home. Frustration and crisis.