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Housewife grinds garlic and parsley for spicy natural sauce outside, cooking food, spicy food, vegetarian meal, greens and salads

Black woman lays flowers to the grave stone and strokes it. Grave of the deceased. Griving at the cemetery, 4k 60p Prores

Housewife is slicing shampignon, salad with mushrooms, vegetarian food

Depressed hopeless old gray haired man grieves and grabs his head with both hands, sorrow and mental breakdown, 4k 60p Prores

Chef fryes onion in a hot frying pan, vegetables are cooked, meals with vegetables

The cook slices tomato by sharp knife on the wooden board outdoors, making of vegetable salad, vegetarian meal, fresh tomatoes from own garden, cooking outside

Housewife grinds the basil for pesto sauce outside, cooking food, spicy food, vegetarian meal

Sad young man in suit stands on the grave of the city cemetery. Funeral and farewell, honoring the passed relatives, 4k 60p Prores

Codfish for making fish dish, asian cuisine, seafood, fishmarket, diet food, cooking fish at home, fish recipes for housewifes

Chef shreds garlic on the wooden board near the grill's fire, makinf of salad, vegetable meal, vitamins in daily food, cooking outdoors

Pink Salmon at the kitchen, salmon for sashimi and sushi, fish food, asian cuisine

Chopped cheese are falling to the wooden board, cooking food, dish with cheese

The cook adds paprika to the dish, cooking in tazhin, spicy food, asian cuisine, vegetarian food

Fresh leaves of green salad, greens and vegetables, vitamins in healthy food

The cook cuts lemon in a half on the wooden board outdoors, making the fruit salad, sprinkling the lemon juice, cooking outside

The cook cuts the eggplant on the wooden board outside for making vegetarian meal, vegetable cuisine, vegan food, cooking food

Sad old gray haired man sits at the cemetery, sorrow and sadness about lost of close people, 4k 60p Prores

The cook beats the eggs with oil and mustard , making of mayonnaise, olive oil, natural ingredients, healthy food

Man in gray pullover surfs the internet with his laptop and uses touch pad, swiping the touchpad, man's hands use the notebook, close up of hands with notebook, searching the internet, social media, e

The cook cuts and marinates fish, fish meals, diet food, process of making fish dish

The cook grates lemon zest on the grater, citrus and fruits, vitamins in food, healthy diet

Sad old gray haired man prays on the sunny skyes background, religious people, 4k 60p Prores

The cook cuts boiled egg in a half on the wooden board outdoors, cooking outside, appetizer from boiling eggs, stuffed eggs

Hot vegetarian meal is steaming, dish with boiled vegetables, hot spicy food, still life at the kitchen, cooking food

Housewife pours out the olive oil to the bowl near the open fire of grill, preparations before making barbecue, cooking outdoors, summer cooking

Office workers use computer, architects at work, 3d modelling, project of building, designing of the houses

Portrait of woman that is bored and not interested, 4k 60p Prores

Close shot of sexy beautiful young multi-ethnic white woman applying make up in the morning near the mirror at home, self made make up, beauty, 4k UHD Prores HQ 422

Milk is added to the black tea in glass cup, making of english tea, hot drink

The engineer draws on a paper with a pencil, tailor makes pattern for seawing dresses, architect is making a drawing, mechanical drawing

Line of lipsticks for woman makeup opens one by one by itself, beauty goods for woman, nature professional cosmetics, beauty care

Fashion portrait of woman in glitter and under neon lights in 80's style, video portrait with green and red mixed neon on dark background, Shot in high quality prores 422 on Blackmagic Ursa

Colorful fishes swim in the large aquarium, freshwater fishes, underwater world, silent pets, aquariums hobby, aquarium at home

Ceramic mosaic tile under light

Cola can is opened in slow motion. Macro shot of the opening of the drink in can, Full HD Prores HQ 240 fps

The cook shakes bunch of raw green fresh spinach and water droplets falls from it, ripe greens, cooking vegetables, vitamin food, Full HD Prores 422 HQ

Flat lay video: chef stirs chopped onion by wooden kitchen spatula on the hot pan, tabletop of cooking vegetarian food, fried onions, blanch vegetables, Full HD Prore 422 HQ

Fresh fruits on the table, raw and healthy food, vegetarian food

Pieces of red tuna are roasted on the open fire of grill,the cook sprinkles cooked fish by lime juice, seafood barbecue, grilling the food

Woman puts buns to the hot grilling pan, making of the burger, cooking the fast food, roasted buns, unhealthful recipes

Close up of the eye brows makeup, woman paints brows, eye makeup, beauty fashion makeup artist, beautiful eyes

Barman pours transparent liquid to the cocktail glass with ice cubes in slow motion, making the cocktail at the bar counter, 4k Prores HQ 120 fps

Close up shot of pouring the household chemicals to the sponge for cleaning the house, commercial of household chemicals, cleaning the house, mud and dust

Panorama of the cinema theater with comfort leather armchairs, cinema without people, cinema before the session, vip hall, slow motion

Roasted peanut falls in slow motion to the iron bowl, snacks for beer, salted nuts, fast food, 60fps 1080p slow motion

Girl is feeding monkeys in jungle

Depressed hopeless old gray haired man is in sorrow, 4k 60p Prores

The worker installs the air suspension system to the heavy truck, complex equipment, specialist assembles car units, brake reinforced hoses, trailers manufacturing