Oles Ishchuk

46866 Clips

Photography and video making is my passion. I create videos and photos for all purposes and budgets and provide quality professional products that meet your standards & needs. I will be happy to offer you customization at reasonable prices.

Portrait of stressed man at home. Problems in the relationships. Betrayal, mistrust, breakup concept. The man in depression. Restless man having problems in personal life suffers break up.

Reflection of smiling beautiful Asian woman in eyeglasses taking off sticky notes from mirror. Portrait of satisfied confident young lady checking work time achievement in home office.

Sad African American girl sitting on bed holding head with hands. Upset teenager spending time alone at home. Shooting through doorway.

Irritated young and middle aged men arguing sitting on bench in summer park. Portrait of stressed Caucasian father and son quarrelling outdoors. Conflict and problems concept.

Close-up of basketball ball in male hand in sunlight. Unrecognizable Caucasian sportsman standing in sunrays outdoors with sports equipment. Confidence and workout.

Two boys running through dark room in the cloud of smoke in the background. Scary doll burning on the floor in the foreground. Concept of fire, flammability, non-compliance with safety rules.

Diligent young graceful ballerina dancing elements of classical ballet in the dark with light and smoke on the background. Beautiful young ballerina in darkness. Ballet practice in studio.

Pretty young woman do eye test at clinic sitting in front of doctor in white medical coat looking in eye test machine and smiling. Mature optometrist examining patient in office. Camera moves right

Two man greeting each other while their wives standing next to them and talking. Young caucasian couple meeting friends at doors.

Portrait of stubborn middle aged father standing in park with crossed hands as blurred nervous son gesturing and yelling at background. Angry Caucasian man arguing with parent outdoors.

Portrait of confident senior Caucasian man with grey beard talking to unrecognizable people in cafe or restaurant. Handsome old retiree chatting with friends or family indoors.

Doctors hands in white gloves making chest compression to a human body

Portrait of positive confident handsome high school student looking at camera and smiling. Smart brunette Caucasian teenage schoolboy posing in corridor indoors. Public education concept.

Close up portrait of handsome african american man looking into the camera outdoors. The sunny light sky in the background. Slow motion.

Three friends talks near university

Sad crying woman in the foreground turning and looking at her unfaithful husband who smiling while chatting with another woman. Cheating concept, broken family

Side view of adult Caucasian pretty girl holding hands on ears as senior woman yelling at the background. Family relationship, problem, confrontation, ignoring.

Close-up portrait of a young Caucasian girl caressing horse face in the autumn forest and smiling. Beautiful brunette equestrian resting outdoors with her lovely pet.

Back view of carefree young son and middle aged father strolling in sunny park talking. Relaxed happy Caucasian men walking outdoors enjoying weekend. Leisure and lifestyle.

Young happy girl covers the sunbeams with her hand on the beach on a beautiful island in sunny hot day

Stethoscope in close-up, doctor with patient at the background

Unrecognizable young programmer with smartphone typing on computer keyboard. Confident male Caucasian hacker coding or hacking web site. Internet security and cyber attack concept.

Headshot of frightened frustrated bullied high school student crying as classmates shaking him. Close-up portrait of sad depressed scared Caucasian boy suffering bullying in public school.

Gelatin capsules spill out from pills machine

Two adorable joy adult couples sitting on the bench together. The old man taking a selfie of company in the park. Mature people resting outdoors. Summertime leisure. Cheerful senior retired people.

Young man checking a gun close-up. Male hands open and close the cylinder of a revolver. The guy is going to kill. Gangster, murderer

The trainer has training in the gym for the young sportsmen

Storekeeper writing report in storage

Drone moves along sandy beach and turquoise waves of Mediterranean Sea on sunset. Aerial view of gorgeous paradise nature on Cyprus resort on sundown. Tourism, seascape, nature, vacations.

A man carries fishing rods and fish nets close up. Slow motion.

Young curly woman swearing and screaming to her curly annoying boyfriend in the living room becouse of misunderstanding

Stressed Caucasian boy closing ears with hands as angry friends yelling at front. Aggressive high school students arguing in corridor indoors. Adolescent conflict and anger concept.

Cute young woman and a handsome bearded blond man sitting at the table. The man telling a story to his girlfriend. The cute couple has a date. Camera moving left and right

Young Caucasian man with black hair and beard wearing eyeglasses using tablet as sitting at the couch. Intelligent guy using social media. Internet addiction, facebook, instagram.

Happy old couple dancing in park

Happy senior Caucasian couple walking with bicycle along the alley in the foggy park. Retired mature family spending autumn evening outdoors. Aging together, eternal love concept.

Maggots move inside jar. Demonstration of larvas on camera. Fishing with live bait.

Close up of two men shaking hands and hugging in the foreground while their wifes chatting in the background. Meet new neighbors. Young married unfriendly couple meeting annoying guests

Changing a piece of glass under a microscope

Close up the muzzle of cute pointer dog with brown spots looking in the camera. Adorable dog with kind hazelnut eyes licking himself and sniffing. The pet in the veterinary clinic

Shy boy and girl in eyeglasses standing in university campus yard and talking. Side view portrait of Caucasian nerds flirting as other students passing by. First love, lifestyle, college life.

Happy old man fanning his face with the dollars close up. Positive rich man demonstrates his money. Funny grandfather relaxing at home sitting on the leather sofa. Leisure of prosperous retired man

Close-up of a husky muzzle with sad eyes lying on the floor in the living room

Young bearded man pointing with his finger and ask a person to come and join him

The funnyman tell a jokes on a comic show

Young woman and the man sitting at the table near empty alcohol bottles. Intoxicated girl covering head with the hood. Unhealthy lifestyle. Troubled teens. Drug addiction. Slow motion.

Books is on a wooden shelves

Tired mixed-race young man running in ruins. Scared Gypsy or refugee escaping and hiding at slum. Chasing concept.