Curated collection of the Crude Oil Process and Consumer Use

From pumping from the ground to your vehicle

Silhouette of man engineer with phone overseeing the site of crude oil production at sunset.

Offshore Jack Up Rig in The Middle of The Sea at Sunset Time

Oil production by pumping stations

Oil Rig in Rural Setting 2

Industrial, oil and teamwork. A team engineers discussing the maintenance of a oil pump field. Engineering team working in Oil refinery. Silhouette working engineers oil rig.

Global fossil fuel petroleum gasoline energy producers crude oil barrels

Oil barrels or chemical drums. Loopable.

Industry oil barrels or chemical drums stacked up

Crude oil barrels fossil fuel petroleum production commodity trade

Barrels stand with waste oil and oil products


Watching Gas Prices Add Up Quickly


Closeup view of a Times Square news ticker tells pedestrians about the rising cost of oil resulting in high gas prices.

The rising cost of pumping gas. Part of a series of similar shots.

The rising cost of pumping gas. Part of a series of similar shots


A stylization graphic visualizing the rising cost of gas prices. Red arrow rises above gas pump background.

Refueling a car at a gas station. Hand holding and recording the process. Fuel, gas station, petrol prices concept. Gasoline, gas, fuel, petroleum concept. Filling car with gas fuel at station pump

Rural man fills a car diesel engine from a canister

Woman fills petrol into her car at a gas station closeup

Male hand holding gasoline nozzle

Close up of petroleum gasoline station service - oil refueling and refilling for car transportation concept. Gas station, Fuel pump, Petrol pump filling nozzles.

Portrait of Professional Engineer or Worker Wearing Safety Uniform and Hard Hat. Ecology worker Industrial people. Sustainable energy. Technology

Barrels of crude oil bought and sold on the international commodities market

Gasoline Canister line icon on the Alpha Channel

Gas Station line icon on the Alpha Channel

Oil Pumpjack line icon on the Alpha Channel

Oil Platform line icon on the Alpha Channel