Growing Strong

From seedling to sprout

Plant a little inspiration with this gardening footage.

Woman digging in flower bed with gardening hand tool; 60fps

Loosen the dry soil with a hoe. Working soil with hoe, close-up

Sowing the seeds , Planting a tree for save the earth and natural , clean ecology in natural.

Slow motion, low angle and moving shot of a farmer planting carrot seed on his organic farm among spring onions

Little young plant in the soil

Time-lapse of germinating sunflower seeds 8d1w in PNG+ format with ALPHA transparency channel isolated on white background

Watering a small tree for save the earth and natural , clean ecology in natural.

Girl holding young green plant in hands. Concept and symbol of growth, care, protecting the earth, ecology.

Garden bed with greens watered in the sunset light, growing garlic at the country side, summer greens

A farmer weeds the field, cleans weeds by hands around young plants

Women's hands choose garden plants in the store

Farmer inspecting sweetcorn for pests at field of organic farm.

4K Pretty Asian girl planting flower in the garden, Slow motion shot

Senior couple in garden with grandson watering plants.

Hands of farmer picking a cherry tomatoes on organic farm

Slow motion footage of a farmer picking up raspberries

Young farmer going on the field with wooden box of organic bush pumpkin.

Farmer in hat harvesting fresh parsley by knife on the field of organic eco farm

Closeup of Beautiful Pink Flowers Outdoors.

Butterflies on Purple Flowers Tracking Shot

Sunflowers with flare light during sunset, Handheld shot, Vintage color

The hands of gardener or florist cutting off the faded roses with a pruner, close-up

Slow motion footage of a bee gathering polen from a flower

Red Roses and Honey Bee Closeup