Contributor of the Month: Daniel Holsford

April 2019 Contributor of the Month.

Daniel Hosford (aka FootageFoundHere) has been a Storyblocks contributor since 2017. Check out his awesome aerials and footage from across the US.

“Experiencing new dynamic cultures around the world has really driven my style, and as I am capturing footage in the moment. I get my inspiration from the energy and diversity of my environment.”
— Daniel Hosford

Aerial New Haven Connecticut Skyline Drone

4K Red Bellied Woodpecker On A Snowy Day

4K Aerial City Trafic Intersection Freeway Urban Roads Louisville Kentucky

4K Foggy River Aerial Morning

Lake Michigan Aerial Sunrise Pier Circle

Massive Lightning Storm Extreme Weather Power Outage Disaster Tornado Cinematic 4K

4K Power Grid Failure Dark Stormy High Voltage Power Lines

4K Aerial Nashville Tennessee Constriction Building Circle Shot Bridge Skyline City Traffic Urban Roads Buildings

Aerial Toronto Canada Skyline Niagara Falls Flyover Cinematic Dramatic Toronto Canada Orbit Skyline Pre Dawn Waterfall Urban River Flight Mist Landmark Usa Tourist Destination

4K Aerial Louisville Kentucky City Traffic River Bridge Top Down

Fall Apple Orchard Aerial Flyover

Flood Search And Rescue Team Aerial Disaster Relief Hurricane Storm Residential Drone

4K Train Car Wheels Slider Shot Tracks

Flooded Apartments Relief Worker Aid To Natural Disaster Victims Apocalypse Storms Climate Changing Global Warming 4K

Natural Disaster Flooding Hurricane Water Damage River Jib Shot Drone

4K Gimbal Louisville Kentucky Skyline City Traffic Freeway Urban Roads Buildings

Aerial Beautiful Church Connecticut New England Trees Midwest Town Drone

Lake Michigan Aerial Sunrise Flyover

4K Aerial Flyover Mercer Building Louisville Kentukey City River Skyline

Classic Car Aerial Chase Ocean Texas Beach 1940 Plymouth Driving Road Drone 4K

4K Aerial Cell Tower Beautiful Sunset Reception Forest Junk Yard Close Flyover

4K Aerial Louisville Kentucky City Traffic River Bridge Flyover Pull Back

4K Freight Train Aerial Military Cemetary Nashville National Cemetery Flyover Tennessee Graveyard Grave

Ely Minnesota Lake At Sunset Drone