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Creating footage that represents all of us


Stock footage should help anyone tell their story. But to do that, it needs to represent the lives of as many people from different communities as possible - and creating authentic and diverse stock requires people from those underrepresented communities to capture.

Re: Stock is an ongoing initiative created as a reply to your comments, emails, and more, demanding diversity in our library. We're hiring filmmakers to capture footage of those underrepresented in stock and releasing that footage as sets of collections exclusive to Storyblocks to help expand our library to represent all of us.

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Stock footage needs a revolution


Under Representation

Footage of non-white people make up only a small part of most stock libraries.


Lack of Diversity

Most stock is shot and produced in primarily white eastern European countries.


Taking Accountability

You demanded better - so we're committing to change.

Demand-driven change

Rebuilding the stock pipeline

Re: Stock is a response to the demand for content that more accurately reflects the world today from member comments, tweets, and emails, our own internal conversations, and the growing dialogue about the importance of representation in media.

Re: Stock actively and purposefully widens the stock industry pipeline by supporting underrepresented communities in front of and behind the camera. By hiring these filmmakers, the stock footage they create can capture genuine portrayals and experiences of people of different races, ethnicities, ages, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, and more.

We’ve committed to having 20% of our footage with people contain Black, Indigenous, and people of color by 2022, with plans to expand our scope to include more underrepresented groups in the future.




Changing the face(s) of stock

Meet the filmmakers behind the exclusive footage of Re: Stock.

Aiden Korotkin

Aiden Korotkin

Aiden Korotkin

Aiden's collection is centered around the concept of the chosen family.

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Sannchia Gaston

Sannchia Gaston

Sannchia Gaston

Sannchia's collection captures intimacy between two black gay men.

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Shannon Beveridge

Shannon Beveridge

Shannon Beveridge

Shannon's collection highlights the everyday reality of queer relationships.

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Explore the footage of Re: Stock

Explore Stock

As an ongoing initiative, Re: Stock has new sets of collections from filmmakers being added to our library as quickly as our (and our filmmakers') production schedule allows for. You can find the footage created through Re: Stock below - all included with your video subscription.

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Spread the word

Share Re: Stock with your network and help us raise awareness about the representation needed in this important part of the media industry.

Support diverse stock footage

This is just the beginning of our commitment to diversifying and increasing representation in our unlimited stock library. Members with video subscriptions have unlimited download access to all of our current and future Re:Stock content.