Elevate your platform with an unlimited stock media API

The Storyblocks API gives you the power to differentiate your product and provide your end users with relevant, exciting content

Before Storyblocks

Standing out from the crowd while satisfying your customers is at the top of your mind. Your customers want access to more content, and a lack of affordable, scalable content can prevent you from reaching your full potential. You need an API that will help you become a leader in the marketplace and set industry standards, all while improving your product and growing your customer base.

After Storyblocks

Drive business results with the Storyblocks API. For one affordable, fixed price, you’ll get unlimited access to a wide library of stock video, After Effects templates, stock audio, and stock images. That’s full access to the entire Storyblocks library for your end users, all within your product. Our simple documentation lets you get up and running in no time. Plus, we want you to succeed, so we don’t charge you as your business grows.

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How the Storyblocks API helps you stand out

Be a sticky product.

Achieve higher customer acquisition and customer retention by integrating with the Storyblocks API. Provide your end-users with a frictionless experience – give them the right tools and access to millions of stock media files to build whatever creative projects they desire.

Integrate with ease.

We know you're busy - so our developers made integration as simple as possible to accommodate your roadmap. Check out our API Documentation to get a sense of how you can get all the benefits of stock in your product without giving your devs a headache.

No-hassle licensing.

Our licensing is the most comprehensive in the industry. Storyblocks API provides royalty-free access to our content so your end-users don’t have to worry about where their work is distributed.

Give your users access to a constantly updated library of high-resolution stock video, audio, and images

Easy to test for developers

Developers can begin testing with our easy-to use API test keys right away. Create an account, grab your test keys, and take us for a test drive today.

Our customers love what we do

"Because of the flat fee model, we can seamlessly integrate Storyblocks’ stock media into our product offerings so our customers don’t lose valuable time on the individual purchasing process. This makes it very simple for our users."
Geert Coppens, CTO

Worry-free licensing for your business

With a license covering your customers, they’ll have the rights and coverage to feel comfortable about stock usage and distribution. Our Individual license provides worldwide rights in perpetuity, across any channel, and is backed by $20K in indemnification for each individual end user. Easy to understand licensing means your customers are never confused about what they can and cannot do.

Easy-to-use tools

Easy to integrate API development
Customize content based on customer relevance
Dedicated account manager and API tech support
Unlimited API calls with one flat fee

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